How prepared is your future self for life after college?

Students lining up by a table to debrief their experience after the game
Students waiting to debrief their experience after the game
Three Student Ambassadors posing at the game of life event
Student Ambassadors at the game of life event

Life after college can be very exciting – and can be very daunting to plan for. Understanding how your current financial choices impact your future selves is something we want our students to be prepared for. Through NYU’s Game of Life event, hosted by the NYU Office of Financial Education, our students have the chance to do just that.  

“The clear explanation from the person at each table and the debriefing were very helpful.”



Students in front of a table booth discussing Graduate School options
Students discussing Graduate School options

The Game of Life…after NYU is an hour-long interactive financial decision making fair that illustrates basic personal financial management. 

The purpose of the event was to engage students in various levels of financial decision making as they prepare to exit NYU, empowering them to be proactive about their planning and spending habits, and learn how to handle unexpected financial situations.


“I loved the actual charting out of my budget. Super nice to see it laid out in front of me with my income and everything.”


Students were given a personal financial portfolio based on their major, career choice and city they desire to reside in and were also provided a month’s salary to ‘live’ on. At each table students visited, they ‘paid’ for a service or items based on their preferences.

After they finished, students debriefed with a coach to discuss their choices and how they fared within the game.  Students left with a plan, with resources to assist on their financial journey, and of course an opportunity to follow up with 1:1 our Financial Education Coaches!

Hear more of what student participants had to say in the video above or  Check out the video above and TikTok below to see how our students did in the Game of Life…after NYU!


@meetnyu Last Friday, we hosted “The Game of Life … After NYU,” an interactive financial training that let students practice spending, saving, and budgeting using the salary for their future dream jobs! #moneytips #college #nyu #careeradvice #dinero #financialeducation ♬ Fred again.. Chanel x A New Error – TH3RD BRAIN 🧠

We asked our students:Did you learn anything that surprised you?

“It’s not that hard to make a plan. Just do it!”


Stephen W. at the Tax table informing students about taxes.
Stephen W. at the Tax table informing students about taxes.

Current students interested in learning more about financial education and management should attend the 2024 NYU’s Game of Life on 3/26. Sign up here!

Game of Life invitation

Natasha Bean (she/ her) is the Director of NYU Financial Education and an Accredited Financial Counselor, AFC®. With more than two decades of higher education experience, she works with Student Success and Access programs providing innovative programming to engage students in understanding their finances. Natasha brings compassionate leadership, expertise, and wisdom to help students take charge of their current and financial futures and their success.