At NYU, we take well-being seriously. That means providing an array of dedicated resources to support students’ physical, mental, and emotional health. From annual exams to daily yoga classes, here’s a sampling of how NYU prioritizes health and wellness.

A health professional uncapping a needle.
The Doctors Are In

NYU’s Student Health Center (SHC) is your medical home throughout your time at NYU. It’s open to all NYU students, regardless of insurance coverage, and provides comprehensive medical services from experienced professionals. Whether you need to treat an injury, see a specialist, or get a flu shot, just call the SHC to schedule a time to meet with a provider. Furthermore, if you ever have a pressing medical need, the SHC has you covered with same-day urgent care appointments.

Make a Change

If you’re struggling with depression, feeling anxious, or dealing with other personal challenges, you’re not alone. NYU’s Counseling and Wellness Services (CWS) are here to meet your mental health needs with individual and group counseling. There’s no problem too small and no hour too late. In fact, you can tap into the Wellness Exchange for 24/7 support. Just download the app or call the hotline to speak with a counselor about anything and everything, any time and any place.

A group of people doing yoga in Washington Square Park
Inhale and Exhale

Just as you can learn to speak a new language or use new software, you can learn concrete skills to maximize your well-being. CWS’ Wellness Workshops, held virtually for 2021, help students better manage personal and academic stress. For example, upcoming workshops include navigating healthy relationships, managing stress during times of uncertainty, and practicing healthy sleep habits.

Additionally, if you’re feeling more low-key, you can access NYU’s Relaxation Oasis 365 days a year. Here, students take a deep breath and release their stress by integrating mindfulness into their daily lives. Listen to soothing guided meditations, lift your spirits with some gentle yoga, and carve out some time to focus on the present moment.

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Be Here Now

We all lead busy lives, and it can be hard to focus on the here and now. That’s why MindfulNYU offers free meditation and yoga classes, among other resources, to promote purposeful living. And it’s not just limited to New York either—MindfulNYU hosts classes across 14 NYU global sites.

In addition, you can join several student-led mindfulness groups. While NYU Generation Meditation introduces all students to the benefits of mindfulness, identity-based groups center the experience of historically marginalized students. For instance, Stay Woke & Meditate provides a safe space for students of color to meditate and heal. Likewise, OutBreath hosts affirmative, inclusive meditation sessions for LGBTQ+ students.

Someone holding a Tibetan Singing Bowl
Commit to Self-Care

Start your semester with calm, confidence, and connection with RADical Health. This four-week program empowers first-year students with the real-world skills to practice self-care. Through short films, group discussions, and other resources, students learn mindfulness, hone their active listening skills, and increase financial and emotional literacy. It’s a crash course in wellness, complete with a “Career Accelerator” certification when you’re finished.