• NYU students find support through the University’s mental health and wellness services, workshops, and events.
  • Contact the Wellness Exchange any time you need to, day or night.
  • If you want to get involved in mental health awareness, you can join NYU’s chapter of Active Minds.
A student receptionist helping a visitor at the NYU Student Health Center.

The first year of college can be a time of excitement, filled with new experiences and thrilling possibilities. But like any big life change, it can also bring stress, anxiety, self-doubt, or depression. That’s why NYU’s mental health and wellness resources are so important for students.

Here, students can find a variety of services, workshops, and events to support them if they’re struggling or experiencing personal challenges. Additionally, there are numerous wellness resources to help them maintain a healthy lifestyle. There’s no problem too small and no hour too late. NYU’s mental health resources are available whenever and wherever students need help.

The Wellness Exchange: 24/7 Support

Since a mental health crisis can happen at any time, NYU students have access to the Wellness Exchange for 24/7 support. Through this easy-to-use app, students can schedule counseling sessions about anything and everything, at any time and any place. What’s more, students can access the Wellness Exchange for same-day urgent counseling, guidance on resources, or advice on how to help a friend in need. Not sure which counseling service is right for you? A brief call or chat with the Wellness Exchange can help you figure out your next step.

Counseling Services

For students seeking counseling, NYU offers a variety of options through Counseling and Wellness Services (CWS), the foundation of the University’s mental health infrastructure. At NYU’s campus in New York City, CWS offers individual and group counseling. Moreover, as part of the on-campus Student Health Center, they provide referrals to nearby long-term psychiatric services. “I really like the therapist I found through NYU,” says Andi Aguilar, a Media, Culture, and Communication major at NYU Steinhardt. “While CWS sometimes works with therapists outside of the school, they stay very connected with them.”

All CWS services, except for psychiatry and counseling, are provided to students at no cost. CWS counselors are all certified and available for in-person or virtual appointments. Furthermore, they can work with students who require psychiatric medication to determine the right course of action or treatment plan.

Recovery Resources

NYU’s CWS offers students struggling with substance abuse or addiction a nonjudgmental place for confidential treatment. Here, students can access crisis intervention services, group counseling sessions, individual psychotherapy, and medication management treatments. Plus, they can get referrals to practitioners or resources beyond NYU to help them in their recovery journey.

A yoga class being held in a park in New York City.

Everyday Wellness

Through CWS’ Relaxation Oasis, an online resource, students can take a deep breath and release stress, integrating mindfulness into their daily lives. They can listen to soothing guided meditations, do some gentle yoga, and carve out time to be present. In addition, MindfulNYU, part of the Office of Global Spiritual Life, provides free meditation and yoga classes throughout the week, among other resources, to promote purposeful living.

Next, the Student Health Center’s Health Promotion office provides students with engaging health-related information and resources. All their services are aimed at helping students make informed and healthy choices. Additionally, they work with students to promote activities that foster a healthier environment for all NYU students. Plus, students can follow NYU Health Promotion at @hello_hpo on Instagram for more healthy living resources and tips.

Finally, during particularly busy times of the academic year, such as midterms and finals, the Center for Student Life hosts events like study breaks and breakfast for dinner. Through these offerings, students can de-stress and have fun by participating in activities and games while enjoying free food.

Life Skills Workshops

CWS offers a wide variety of workshops to help students improve their personal, academic, and social well-being. For instance, students can enroll in workshops like Time Management, Navigating Healthy Dating Relationships, and Breaking the Loop: Mindfulness for Habit Change.

For a more in-depth exploration of wellness, students can enroll in RADical Health. This interactive four-part program teaches small cohorts about mindfulness, self-care, time management, and other life skills through videos, resources, and group discussions.

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Getting Involved

Students who want to get involved in mental health awareness can join NYU’s chapter of Active Minds, a national nonprofit that seeks to destigmatize mental illness for students and encourage anyone struggling to ask for help. They regularly host meetings, events, and workshops for students interested in studying or talking about mental health on campus. Other student-led groups also focus on mental well-being. For example, Generation Meditation offers peer-led meditation. There’s also OutBreath, which helps center LGBTQ+ students’ lived experiences through mindful meditation, and Stay Woke and Meditate for students of color.

If You Need Help

No matter what your mental health concern, there’s an activity, group, or resource at NYU for you. So if you don’t know where to turn, reach out to the Wellness Exchange for help. They’re here any time you need them.

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