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Find Your People

Through NYU Engage and NYU’s Clubs and Organizations web page, you can discover and join a variety of student-run clubs and organizations. Club topics range from politics and advocacy to volunteering and social opportunities. Wherever your interests lie, there’s a place for you to grow, connect, and make a positive difference. 

Academic Support

In addition to student life support, there are many academic resources available to you at NYU. When it is time to plan your coursework, your academic adviser can guide you through major requirements and help you navigate the curriculum in your chosen field of study. 

If you need help with specific subject or course material, there are several resources for you. You can stop by the University Learning Center for drop-in tutoring or study slams. If you need help starting an essay, you can schedule an appointment with the Writing Center. Faculty and graduate student consultants as well as undergraduate peer tutors are available to help you strengthen your writing and develop as a writer. And last but not least, the Academic Resource Center has many programs that benefit current and incoming students. There, you can receive free one-on-one peer tutoring, attend academic skills workshops, and more.

NYU Campus Resources 101

Professional Development

The Wasserman Center for Career Development can be an instrumental catalyst for your professional growth. There, career coaches can help you access and navigate the Handshake platform. Each year, more than 100,000 jobs and internships are posted on this database. What’s more, Wasserman folk can introduce you to the Violet Network—an online community designed exclusively for NYU students and alumni. Through this community, you can share knowledge, network, and even find a mentor.

Financial Guidance

In addition to student life, academic support, and professional development, financial resources are essential during your college career and beyond. Fortunately, NYU offers a myriad of free financial education resources to help you manage your finances effectively. The Office of Financial Education offers tools that help you budget, save, and reduce student debt. In addition, they can support you in your search for scholarships and grant opportunities to offset educational expenses. 

Student Services—A One-Stop Shop

The NYU StudentLink Center offers a multitude of services related to your student experience. Do you have a question about your bill or transcript? Are you an international student who needs advice on the visa process? Then, you can drop by their office in Manhattan or Brooklyn or schedule an in-person or Zoom appointment with a counselor to get your questions answered! 

Unsure Where to Start? Connect with the Office of Student Success!

Whatever you need help with, NYU has a resource for you. But confusion can come with so many options. So, if you’re unsure where to go or which resource to use, turn to the Office of Student Success. This office ensures each and every student has the support and resources they need to thrive at NYU. A student success specialist will check in with you periodically via text message, but don’t hesitate to reach out to them for help. They can connect you with the right person, program, or office to get you the support you need!

Still wondering what’s available at NYU? Discover more resources in NYU’s student resource hub!

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