Zach, the author, in Washington Square Park.

College Flies By

“It’ll fly by” is one of the most cliché things to hear when going off to college. I’m here to tell you that it’s true! College is an amazing time, where you are able to accomplish and experience so much. It’s a period of education that challenges your perspective, possibly more than ever before. It’s also a period of time when you’re constantly meeting new people, trying new things, and exploring. Although it may be fun and exciting, the time does truly move at a fast rate, so it’s important to take advantage of various college resources in order to make the most of your four years.

Academic Advisers

Academic advisers are our guides throughout college. Therefore, they are a very important college resource. Every single NYU school assigns students in particular programs to a specific adviser who will stick with you throughout your academic experience. An academic adviser’s main role is, you guessed it … advising! The advisers are a great team of professionals who help students curate and plan out their curriculum. The also make sure students fulfill their curriculum requirements. However, NYU is a large urban university with many different offerings, so advisers are able to help point you toward classes that excite you based on your interests.

Zach, the author, posing in front of a graffitied Mickey Mouse.
Not a Math Person

I’ve never enjoyed math or anything to do with it. However, as part of the core curriculum, I was required to take a single math class. I spoke with my academic adviser and they pointed me toward a probability and game theory class that fulfilled the requirement. I had my doubts, but the class ended up being a great fit. The professor and I would meet during office hours and discuss equations as well as the new Lana Del Rey album. Although math seemed daunting, it was an amazing experience I wouldn’t have found without my adviser’s help.

Office Hours

Office hours are one of the most useful college resources. The ability to speak with your professor, or teaching assistant, allows you to get a better grasp on the curriculum while learning more about your instructor.

Undecided to Absolutely Sure

During my first two years at NYU, I was an undecided student. However, by taking classes in the media, culture, and communication (MCC) department, I was able to solidify my interest in the field. I frequently used office hours as a way to speak with my MCC professors about their education, opportunities, and experiences. They were able to give me guidance, and they even helped me select classes for future semesters. By going to office hours, I was able to make better decisions about where I wanted my education to take me.

Zach, the author, in Central Park.

Housing Experiences

I always say that finding community is the easiest part of being a student. But when I came to NYU, I wasn’t so sure of that. I applied to housing, but I wanted to make sure that I was doing the most I could to find my people at such a large university. After researching the housing program, I discovered so many amazing opportunities such as the Inter-Residence Hall Council, which I participated in the fall of my junior year. I also discovered other programs such as the Residential College, during my sophomore year. However, NYU Residential Life has so many amazing paths for students to pursue, no matter what your interests are.

Exploration Communities

Exploration Communities are based on various floors of NYU’s residence halls. They are theme-based floors that allow you to meet other students who share the same interests as you. Additionally, these floors allow you to increase involvement in your residence hall and at NYU. During my first year, I lived in Brittany Hall on the “film” floor. Through my experience, I was able to meet amazing filmmakers and artists. I was also able to meet my squad of friends, who lived only four floors above me and became my roommates sophomore year. One of my friends helped expose me to an MCC class, which later blossomed into my academic major.

Through the exploration community, my residential assistant took us to amazing film screenings and showings throughout New York City for free. This was a great perk, because New York City movie tickets can be quite the financial strain at times. Living in an exploration community allowed me to meet amazing people and helped me solidify a future sense of community on campus and in academics.

Zach, the author, and his roommates in Washington Square Park.

If Not Now, When?

College truly flies by, no matter where you attend. Itʼs important to take advantage of as much as you can. At NYU, the amount of resources at your disposal can seem pretty daunting. At least they did to me. But college is only four years of your life. As a student, college resources are put in place to light your path toward success. Take advantage of as much as you possibly can. Experience new and weird things. Go out and have a good time with new people. It’s college … if not now, when?

Zachary is currently a Senior in the Steinhardt school studying Media, Culture, & Communication. He comes from a farming background and grew up working on his family owned apple orchard in southern New York – YEE HAW! Zachary spent his first two years at NYU as an Undecided student in the College of Arts and Science, before discovering his passion for representation within media and content creation. He has a strong interest in pop-culture and has interned at PAPER Magazine, writing for their ‘Stan Stories’ series about the culture of fandoms as well as pieces on numerous pop-culture updates. He has also worked in Marketing for Private Health Care Practice and Social Media for his family’s orchard and distillery businesses.