Dibner Library of Science and Technology

The Bern Dibner Library of Science and Technology, more affectionately known as Dibner, is part of NYU’s 11-library system, and also houses the Game Innovation Lab.  Dibner’s resources have largely been converted into electronic format, allowing for more physical study space within the library. NYU partners with other colleges and libraries to use their resources, many of which can be ordered online and delivered to one of the main libraries.

An exterior shot of Dibner with students standing near the entrance
An exterior show of Dibner with students walking around
Student Services

Dibner has some of the best individual study spots, group project conference rooms, and administrative support services. With almost everything digitized, gaining access to some of the most exclusive research materials is a breeze. In addition to all the study perks, on the second floor, you can find the Student Services Center where students can speak to representatives from the Bursar, Registrar, and Financial Aid offices. The Undergraduate Programs Office also calls Dibner home and offers student advising, special services, and additional academic support resources, making this building a one-stop-shop for students’ administrative needs.

A group of students sit on couches working in the Dibner common area
Two students talk to each other while sitting at a desk.
Several cubicle like study spaces are seen with students working at them

Dibner has research librarians available to assist with any and all research projects. Each librarian specializes in a particular area of study, ensuring their expertise aligns with your research needs. The “Ask a Librarian” system allows students to text or email librarians with questions from any location in the world.

Interior shot of a hallway in Dibner showing study spaces and library stacks
Interior shot of Dibner showing study spaces and a large tapestry hanging from the ceiling

Clubs & Athletics

The second floor of Dibner is where students can find the Student Affairs Office and Student Leadership Hub. This office is an extension of the Center for Student Life on the Washington Square campus and serves as a place for club meetings and is home to 40 student clubs that are specific to the School of Engineering. Tandon students also have access to all the clubs on the Washington Square campus that are not school-specific. Clubs and athletics are a great way for students to find community and make NYU feel like home.