A Nursing major working in the Clinical Simulation Learning Center.
Shaping the LGBTQ+ Health-Care Landscape

A new nursing course at NYU centers LGBTQ+ health care and compassion.

The LGBTQ+ Centerʼs office facade.
Greetings from the NYU LGBTQ+ Center

Serving as a university-wide resource for LGBTQ+ communities for 25 years.

A student sitting in Washington Square Park.
How to College Search with Pride

While there are many factors that go into the college search process, LGBTQIA+ students may have additional considerations when building their college list.

Garet Weissenborn sitting on grass and smiling for a photo
A Performance Studies Major Helps and Heals LGBTQ+ Youth

Tisch student Garet Weissenborn supports LGBTQ+ youth by merging performance studies and health education.

A flag that reads “Queer & Proud” jutting out of a backpack.
Club Spotlight: CampGrrl

A space for queer women, nonbinary folks, and their allies.

A group of pride and U.S. flags hanging from a lamppost.
Quench: A Space for the NYU LGBTQ+ Community

Queer + Lunch = Quench. Come talk about the LGBTQ+ experience with people who are engaged and supportive.

Washington Square Park.
Gender, Pronouns, and Coming Out in Your Application

How do you navigate coming out in your college application? NYU has advice about how to be proud of who you are and make a great first impression.

A close-up of the Washington Square Park Arch. Behind the arch is are trees and buildings.
The NYU Monthly Roundup: December 2019

From research and outreach to exhibits and awards, there’s always something amazing happening in the NYU community.