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Pedestrians walk around the Lincoln Memorial Reflecting Pool and sit on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial.
Why You Should Study “Away” in Washington, DC

Learn more about what our Washington, DC, campus has to offer.

The top of the United States Capitol building on a spring day.
Experience First Year Away at NYU Washington, DC

Beginning your NYU education as a First Year Away Liberal Studies student in the nation’s capital offers you an experience only Washington, DC, can offer

A group of students dressed in suits speaking with one another.
You Don’t Have to be a Business Major to Study Business!

NYU Stern is a great option for business, but did you know there are other ways to major in business at NYU?

An NYU flag hanging from a building.
Why NYU? Difficult Choices and Deciding Where to Go to College

Deciding on a college is an immense undertaking. Here, an NYU student offers a few strategies to help make your decision easier.

Students hanging out outside in Florence, Italy.
Which NYU First Year Away Site Is Right for You?

Liberal Studies offers you the incredible opportunity to begin NYU with a year in Florence, London, Paris, or Washington, DC.

Student dancing during their NYU Madrid experience.
Clubs and Communities: Finding Family at NYU

How do you make friends and find community at NYU? Check out these top five tips for a smooth transition into your first year of college.

NYU Stern student Avni Bodwadkar posing in Washington Square Park, New York City.
Mixing Business and Politics: Why Avni Chose NYU Stern

A degree in Business and Political Economy landed Avni Bodwadkar right where she needed to be—and with people who made the journey just as important as the destination.

Sunset view of Paris, France
First Year Away at NYU Paris

Check out the following list of skills that you can potentially acquire by studying at a First Year Away Program.

A group of NYU Accra students visiting Elmina Castle.
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NYU Accra Students Visit Elmina Castle

Studying abroad is an opportunity to face history where it happened.

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Experience the World Through Language Learning

Learning another language opens doors to countless opportunities. Hear why one NYU student chose to learn Arabic.