Study Abroad

Wait…I Can Go To NYU in London?!

Explore a dynamic photo essay of a student's experience studying abroad at NYU London.

Two students smiling at Shanghai Disneyland.
What You Need To Know About Life at NYU Shanghai

Studying away can be one of the best college experiences. Here’s a glimpse of what your life could be like at NYU Shanghai.

raph design portraits of NYU students Haley Ghesani and Michael Leonetti, surrounded by hand-drawn stars.
A World of Academic Opportunity Awaits You at NYU

Follow the paths of two students to see how they took advantage of the range of academic areas at NYU in order to explore their options and map out their futures.

Two students walking through Washington Square Park.
Meet NYU Liberal Studies

NYU Liberal Studies can be a great environment for you if exploring various academic possibilities and gaining an extensive knowledge base excites you.

A group of study away students sitting in front of the Berliner Dom in Berlin.
Study Away at NYU Opens Up Opportunities for Immersion

NYU students participate in experiential learning across the world.

Two students using desktop computers.
How to Stern: Go Beyond Business as Usual

At NYU Stern curriculum goes beyond the typical business school subjects, focusing on positive impact with a global perspective.

Busy central street in Madrid, the Metropolis building can be seen in the distance
NYU Madrid: Study Away in Spain

As an NYU student, you can study away at 15 NYU global locations. Here, get an inside look at life at NYU Madrid.

Students hanging out outside in Florence, Italy.
Experience the World ASAP with NYU First Year Away

Liberal Studies offers students the incredible opportunity to begin their NYU experience with a year in Florence, London, Madrid, or Washington, DC.

A street corner in Berlin.
NYU Berlin: Study Away in Germany

As an NYU student, the world is your classroom. Here’s what’s waiting for you at NYU Berlin.

Romance Languages majors sitting in a classroom.
Fall in Love with Romance Languages at NYU

NYU’s Romance Languages major prepares you for careers in our interconnected world, where three languages are better than two.