Tandon School of Engineering

Tesh and Tanya Ken and Barbie dolls in individual boxes on top of a display ledge. A hand holds a small car and a limited edition price tag reads, “$20.22.”
An NYU Alum Unifies Engineering and Art

With a commitment to diversity and access to NYU’s expansive alumni network, Tanya Gupta found new pathways of creativity.

An NYU flag hanging from a building.
Answering Common Questions I Get Asked as a Computer Science Major

NYU CAS student Chris answers some of the most common questions he gets asked as a Computer Science major!

Student standing on a New York City rooftop with the skyline light up behind her at night.
My Summer Internship Success

NYU student Eshika Patel shares how she landed her consulting internship in NYC, and how her experience helped her define her career path.

A group of students working in a computer room.
NYU VIP: Working with Daimler to Drive Innovation

Students in this Vertically Integrated Project (VIP) work with Daimler Truck North America to reimagine a vital tool in vehicle manufacturing.

Exterior of the NYU Tandon School of Engineering in Brooklyn.
On The Other Side of the Bridge: NYU Tandon

Get to know what makes NYU's Tandon School of Engineering unique: all the benefits of a small campus and a larger school community at once.

A bird’s-eye view of a New York City avenue.
NYU Summer Programs: Why Wait for College?

The NYU summer programs cover every area of interest.

Facade of the NYU Tandon building in Downtown Brooklyn
Integrated Design and Media at NYU: Be a Creative Engineer

As an NYU Tandon student, NYU Ambassador Katrina combined an interest in STEM with a passion for the arts through the Integrated Design and Media Program.

Students working in the MakerSpace at NYU Tandon.
Meet the NYU Tandon School of Engineering

At NYU Tandon, engineering students can access the resources to create and innovate among some of the world’s most talented engineering faculty and peers.

Video game elements with a pixelated spaceship in the center.
Game Design at NYU: Plug In

At NYU, there are so many ways to pursue your passion for gaming and game design. Here’s an overview of game-related programs to consider.