Students participating in a class session.
A Business Program Built for the Future

The new BS in Business, Technology and Entrepreneurship program at NYU Stern prepares students to transform the business world.

Portrait of Computer Science major Alia ElKattan. There are various tech parts behind her.
A Computer Science Major Aims for Maximum Social Impact

NYU Abu Dhabi Computer Science major Alia ElKattan focuses her education on finding responsible solutions to societal issues.

NYU student assisting during Hackathon.
Creativity Thrives at the NYU Tandon School of Engineering Campus

At the NYU Tandon School of Engineering campus, students have access to resources to make their ideas and projects come to life.

The NYU Abu Dhabi Engineering Design Studio.
Discover the Engineering Design Studio at NYU Abu Dhabi

Not every Engineering Design Studio can claim to have its own mascot but we can at NYU Abu Dhabi.

Three students, who are wearing purple-branded NYU shirts in support of the event, at HackNYU. Two students sit with computers in front of them and the third student stands and holds his laptop. Around them are other students who are also competing.
A Student Hackathon for a Better Tomorrow

At HackNYU, students from around the world come together to solve global challenges through technology.

Portrait of Yann Lecun taken in a brightly light room.
Yann LeCun Is Pioneering an Intelligent Future

From self-driving cars to speech recognition apps, the work of NYU professor Yann LeCun has revolutionized modern machine learning.

Students standing in front of their house.
Sustainable Architecture at NYU Abu Dhabi

What will the houses of tomorrow look like? How can we construct them to ensure a sustainable future? A group of forward-thinking NYU Abu Dhabi students are figuring it out.

Students test play a video game at NYU's Media and Game Network
R U A Game Design Student?

If you love video games, here's how you can study them at NYU.