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Are you a member of the US armed forces, a veteran, active duty member, or National Guard/reservist? First and foremost, we thank you. We’re honored you’re thinking of studying with us. The college search process may bring up specific questions you have about joining our community. From finding resources on campus to how to apply, we’re here to help.

Our Services for You

Student Services

First, you should know we’re committed to creating an environment where veterans and military students can thrive. The NYU Military Alliance (MA) is a big part of that. MA brings together students for the Annual Veterans Ball, sports, and professional development opportunities. In addition, the Military Alliance Community Center is a great space to catch up with friends or study.

Are you wondering where you can find academic support or health services? We have you covered. The MA can connect you with services like the Academic Resource Center and the Center for Student Life. MA also has off-campus partners such as Team Rubicon and the New York City Department of Veterans’ Services.

In addition, NYU offers ROTC programs. I encourage you to reach out for more information about ROTC at NYU.

Financial Support

Second, you might be eligible for financial support at NYU. Opportunities include:

In addition, veterans can also apply for Veterans Affairs benefits online. More information on how to use your benefits can be found here.

Things to Consider When Applying

Now that you know a little bit about our community and resources, youʼll want to starting thinking about your application. Students come to NYU with all types of educational backgrounds. Consider your background before applying. As a result, youʼll be able to select the best application plan for you.

Is This Your First Degree?

Do you already have a bachelor’s degree? If the answer is yes, two NYU schools offer options for a second bachelorʼs degree.

The first school is the Tandon School of Engineering. Tandon takes on the most pressing issues facing the world today. As a second-degree student at Tandon, you can earn a degree in any area of study including computer science and all disciplines of engineering.

The second is the Rory Meyers College of Nursing. Meyers is the second largest private college of nursing in the United States. It focuses on the health and care of patients locally and around the world. Second-degree students at Meyers are considered for two types of nursing degrees.

While you may not have a full degree, you may have earned college credits. Therefore, we have two other application plans you may find as a good fit.

What Type of Student Are You?

First-Year Students

If this is your first degree, NYU has two ways for you to apply.

The first way to apply is for first-year students. Youʼre a first-year student if youʼre

  • earning college credits while in high school;
  • currently at a college or university in the United States that is not regionally accredited;
  • currently enrolled in a nondegree-seeking program in the United States after high school and will have less than 24 credits by the time you plan to begin at NYU; or
  • no longer enrolled in college-level classes and did not receive any grades.

Consequently, if you did earn college credits after you completed high school, you may be a transfer student.

Transfer Students

Applying as a transfer student is the second way to apply if this is your first degree. Youʼre a transfer student if

  • you completed secondary school after finishing about 12 years of education, and
  • youʼre currently or were enrolled as one of the following:
    • a degree-seeking student at a college or university thatʼs regionally accredited in the United States;
    • a degree-seeking student at a college or university outside of the United States thatʼs nationally recognized by the countryʼs primary accrediting council/agency; or
    • a nondegree-seeking student in the United States with 24 semester credits or more completed by the time you plan to begin at NYU.

Now that you know what type of applicant you are, youʼll want to know when you need to apply. You can learn more about first-year and transfer deadlines on our website. In addition to knowing what type of applicant you are, youʼll need to know how to apply.

The Application Process

Application Materials

All students apply using the Common Application. With your application youʼll submit a variety of materials. Most importantly, youʼll need to submit official transcripts. This means your high school, college, or university sends them directly to NYU. In other words, we canʼt accept them directly from you. We know you may be unfamiliar with some items we request. So our Forms and Document Guide is here to help!

Youʼll need the following items:

  • high school transcripts (or GED) with graduation date;
  • college transcripts from all schools you attended;
  • letters of recommendation (from current or past professors for transfer students. If you’ve been away from school for more than a year, a professional recommendation is fine. First-year students should submit letters from a teacher and a school counselor);
  • The “Why NYU?” essay, which is within the application and is your opportunity to tell us about your interests;
  • and, finally, the nonrefundable $80 application fee.

You need an application fee waiver? No problem! Youʼll find a “Fee Waiver” question in the “Profile” section of the application. Select “United States Military Veteran (current serving or previously served)” from the options listed. Similarly to determining what type of applicant you are, youʼll also want to know if your major or school has special program requirements.

Other Things to Consider

The application lets you list up to 10 activities. You should use this space to showcase your leadership from your military experience! This experience is especially relevant to your story as an applicant. You can also use this space to include organizations youʼre part of, community service, hobbies, and more. While thereʼs no magic formula to writing an activities section, there are certainly some tips and tricks from those of us who have been in the admissions profession for a while.

Standardized Testing

Are you in your first year of college? Or are you studying part-time and will complete less than 32 credits prior to applying? Youʼll need to submit a form of standardized testing accepted by NYU. In addition, English language testing is required if you have not completed three full years of study in a curriculum taught in English or if English is not your native language.  

Artistic Review

For some programs at Steinhdardt and Tisch, you may need to audition or submit a portfolio. To clarify, the Office of Admissions does not review artistic submissions. You should review your programʼs specific artistic review requirements for more information.


Most importantly, some programs have prerequisite courses. Because NYU is so competitive, I recommend reviewing our additional program requirements to see if they apply to you. As a result, you can begin preparing to take any courses you may need before applying.


We value your service, and while the classes you take on base may not transfer over, we will read them as proof that you have challenged yourself. At this time, NYU doesnʼt offer credits for CLEP exams, a Joint Services Transcript, or life experience. However, we do review Defense Language Institute transcripts on a case-by-case basis.


Kelly Vann is a Senior Assistant Director of Undergraduate Admission at NYU. Prior to joining NYU, she worked in Undergraduate Admissions at Seton Hill University and Carnegie Mellon. She enjoys traveling, trying new restaurants and English Breakfast tea. A Pennsylvania native, Kelly currently resides in Hoboken.