Bella Carino standing on a basketball court
Sports Business, Women’s Studies, and the Future of an Industry

NYU Gallatin student Bella Carino is shaping the future of women’s sports.

David Obwaya, a senior student of color studying economics at the College of Arts and Science, stands on NYU steps.
An Economics Major Makes a Difference for BIPOC-Owned Businesses

David Obwaya, a senior studying economics, supports small business.

Ericka posing for a photo in front of wall art.
NYU Accra: Igniting Ericka’s Passion and Purpose

As a Global Public Health and Anthropology major, Ericka Kamanou-Tenta is determined to empower others to improve their communities.

Two Gallatin students looking at a red and orange Rothko artwork in a gallery.
A Gallatin Concentration Grows—and Evolves—Across NYU

With a mix of adviser insight and self-direction, students at NYU Gallatin create rigorous, individualized academic paths.

Valeria Zhou, a student of color, sitting on a stone bench.
An NYU Shanghai Amgen Scholar Dreams of Bionic Limbs

NYU Shanghai student Valeria Zhou explores the field of neuroengineering.

Hotel and tourism management student Ally Weaver standing in front of a yellow taxi and the marquee for “Funny Girl.”
A Hotel and Tourism Management Major Examines a Recovering Industry

Ally Weaver welcomes the comeback of in-person events as she applies classroom lessons to real life.

Washington Square Park fountain and arch.
10 Things I Wish I Knew as an NYU First Year

Tackle the city as an NYU first year with these helpful tips!

Students walking up stairs in the NYU Stern building.
Academics at NYU: Choose Your Own Adventure

With 10 undergraduate schools, programs, and colleges, NYU offers its students many ways to explore their academic interests.

A laptop computer and reading lamp on a desk.
NYU Majors: The Undecided Student Edition

It's okay to be undecided or to change your major at NYU. Here's a list of possibilities for coming in undecided or making a switch.

Sophia standing on a balcony with colorful buildings and trees in the background.
Study Away: Exploring the World, One Semester at a Time

Sophia Moore-Smith’s passion for studying away has led her to help other students experience it, too.