Thee Rose Main Reading Room at the New York Public Library.

Reflecting on my senior year of high school, the college application process stands out, specifically the challenge of deciding what to study. With universities boasting a ton of options, the task demanded a choice that harmonized personal interests and future aspirations. The best option for me me was the Business and Technology Management (BTM) program at the NYU Tandon School of Engineering.

As someone inclined to late-night documentary binges, I knew an all-encompassing major was essential. It needed to provide the latitude to explore diverse realms while fortifying my existing passion for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM). The culmination of my research led me to Business and Technology Management, a seemingly perfect fit. However, I started as a Computer Science (CS) major thinking that was the best choice. Spoiler alert: it was not. (For me, at least.)

BTM? What’s That?

My immersion in CS classes fostered the realization that a mix of technical knowledge with business and technology management was my true calling. Following discussions with my adviser, I made the final decision to switch to BTM. While the initial transition was a little daunting, settling into the major and engaging with its coursework gradually solidified my decision.

The best part of BTM is its diverse classes, each exploring various knowledge areas while relating back to the core focus: the intersection of technology and innovation in the business landscape. One of my favorite classes so far has been Marketing. The class explored fundamentals and emerging paradigms in marketing. The semester-long group project offered valuable practical experience and allowed us to apply skills acquired beyond the classroom.

A white display full of text at the “This Is Not A Drill” exhibit at the Bobst Library.
I toured the This is Not a Drill exhibit at Bobst Library and wrote a paper on the topics it explored.
The “Temple of Dendur” Egyptian exhibit at The Met, which the author visited for one of her business and technology management courses.
I visited The Met with my Ethics and Technology class for a project.

Let’s Toast

NYU’s core curriculum provides a chance to delve into diverse subjects. This experience is particularly enriching as it allows me to maintain a traditional STEM trajectory while satisfying my curiosity by venturing into different academic areas. Currently, I’m enrolled in the Food Photography course, where capturing various toast types weekly is the main goal. Exploring varied subjects nurtures a holistic approach to learning that extends beyond the confines of my Business and Technology Management major.

One of my favorite electives was Ethics and Technology, where we critically analyzed ethical issues in technology. We explored historical cases, visited museums, and engaged in class discussions. Ethical examples, like the creation of the atomic bomb, provided a deeper understanding of engineering as both a technical and social discipline.

Avocado toast with eggs and tomatoes on a plate.
Part of my final project for Food Photography.

Beyond the Classroom

I love the Business and Technology Management program (and NYU) not just for its amazing classes but also its tight-knit community. The small department means meeting familiar faces in multiple classes and interacting personally with professors. This fosters networking, leading to internships, jobs, and research opportunities. Networking events hosted by the BTM department have given me the chance to converse with professionals from diverse industries. Last semester we had professionals from Verizon come in and give us résumé and cover letter tips. And through the clubs that I am in, I attend yearly conferences and workshops for job hunting.

Now in my fourth year, I can safely say BTM’s been the best experience. It’s offered me incredible learning and plenty of opportunities. College applications may be daunting. If you wind up switching your major to something that’s a better fit for passions and goals–that’s ok. Experimenting with your studies, especially in your first year, can be helpful. Universities offer numerous programs, so you will end up exactly where you belong. Take risks and don’t be afraid to explore. You will end up finding the major that perfectly aligns with your aspirations!

I am currently a senior in the Class of 2024 at the Tandon School of Engineering studying Business and Technology Management concentrating in Strategy, and I also have a minor in Bioethics. I am originally from India but I grew up in Dubai, so I’ve kind of been all over the place. When I’m not working for Admissions Ambassadors or studying you can find me at the closest boba shop or bookstore. And I spend the rest of my free time being an avid Taylor Swift fan.