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In fall 2021 NYU Abu Dhabi launched a new business major called Business, Organizations and Society (BOS). Led by Professor Jemima Frimpong, the major includes conventional business courses, like accounting, finance, marketing, and business ethics. Additionally, students take various nontraditional courses that highlight the social, political, and economic factors at play in organizations and society.

Through coursework, real-world experience, and research opportunities, students develop their critical thinking skills, hone their decision-making abilities, learn how to collaborate with others, and perfect their written and verbal communication skills. Business, organizations, and society students leave NYU Abu Dhabi as socially aware global leaders, prepared to thrive in enterprises worldwide.

We asked five current BOS majors about their experience in the program as well as their time at NYU Abu Dhabi. Here’s what they shared…

Students of color in a lecture hall.
What led you to major in Business, Organizations and Society?

Laila Hashem, Class of 2023, minoring in Social Research and Public Policy
I chose to major in BOS because of the practical nature of the program. BOS offers real-world experience right from the start. Throughout the program, I’ve gained presentation skills, people skills, analytical skills, and technical skills. I could not be more grateful for the practical, inclusive, reasonably demanding, and flexible nature of the program. As Business, Organizations, and Society majors, we’re able to learn at our own pace and build projects based on our interests rather than a standardized list of topics and requirements.

Serhii Durytskyi, Class of 2025, minoring in Social Research and Public Policy
I was attracted to this major because of the social impact component. It aims to create change-makers who will revolutionize the business world and society at large. After taking a few introductory business courses at NYU Abu Dhabi, I realized just how strong the business, organizations, and society faculty is in terms of experience, expertise, professionalism, and knowledge. Therefore, the discussions, projects, case studies, and presentations attracted me to the program even more and motivated me to learn more about business and entrepreneurship.

Students sitting at a table in a classroom. The closest student is wearing a chador.
ABU DHABI, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES, November 10, 2015: Students attend professor Nadine Roth’s literature class, Imagined Cities, at the NYU Abu Dhabi campus on Saadiyat Island in Abu Dhabi. (Photo / Silvia Razgova - Philip Cheung)
What has been the most impactful course (so far) in the BOS curriculum?

Zahi Awad, Class of 2025, minoring in Psychology
For me, the Foundations of Financial Markets course has been the most impactful so far. This course introduced me to contemporary portfolio theory, effective investor portfolio diversification, and the risk-return trade-off. What’s more, it gave me a better understanding of how financial institutions operate today and how the globalization of the economy will affect financial institutions in the future.

Sara Vuksanovic, Class of 2025, double-majoring in Psychology
The most impactful course so far has been Business Consulting Field Project, a Summer Session class I took at NYU Accra. In this class we learned the basics of management consulting and worked with subject-matter experts to solve business challenges. It showed me a business student can have a positive impact on the community and individuals and not just the wider corporate landscape.

What will your Capstone Project focus on?

Laila Hashem
For my Capstone Project, I am creating a business strategy for my family business in Egypt. I plan to identify flaws and areas of improvement within the business strategy based on research, observations, and qualitative and quantitative data. This is my first project within a real-life business context. As a result, it has helped me understand the role of a business consultant and discover my own skills and interests.

Zahi Awad
I’m considering researching how successful small businesses and start-ups in London, New York City, and Dubai use social media and other marketing strategies. In cities where franchises and corporations rule, I want to learn how tiny enterprises operate and prosper. For this reason, I will study abroad at NYU London during the spring 2023 semester. In addition, I am considering studying abroad at NYU’s campus in New York City the following year.

Two students meeting with their professor.
How have the professors impacted your time at NYU Abu Dhabi?

Abdulla Almarzooqi, Class of 2023, minoring in Economics, Arab Crossroads Studies, and Art and Art History
We have an amazing group of professors in the Business, Organizations and Society program. They have a diverse set of research interests, from corporate finance to health-care organizations. Taking their classes has expanded my horizons and allowed me to explore the complex interconnections between business and society.

Sara Vuksanovic
The professors here have helped me develop both personally and professionally. For example, they are eager to provide students with relevant industry or research experience. They helped me break down the stereotypes of a business program and begin to discover the values required to succeed.

Students of color sitting and talking in a common area on the NYU Abu Dhabi campus.
What is your favorite part about studying at NYU Abu Dhabi?

Serhii Durytskyi
My favorite part about studying at NYU Abu Dhabi is the community. We have a relatively small campus, so most students live within walking distance of each other. Our community represents more than 120 countries and knows more than 75 languages. Here, we can learn about other cultures and traditions and stay in the know about current issues and developments across the global community. This campus community allows me to cross borders. For example, I can talk to people from different parts of the world and learn more about the places they call home.

Abdulla Almarzooqi
What’s not to like about NYU Abu Dhabi? You’re minutes away from the beach and a burgeoning cultural district, with institutions like the Louvre Abu Dhabi, Manarat Al Saadiyat, and many more opening soon. You’re surrounded by students and faculty from more than 120 countries. And you encounter different languages and music and taste delicious foods around every corner.