Notting Hill

Take advantage! The world is your oyster!

London tower
Tower of London


With 12 global academic centers and programs and three degree-granting campuses, it is not uncommon for NYU students to spend one, two, maybe four semesters away. To me, London was the perfect place to study abroad and explore a new culture and new city. Through NYU’s Global Internship Program, I matched as an intern with a major academic health science centre. With this, I was able to gain hands on insight into the infrastructure of the UK Healthcare System and some clinical exposure.


With only a few hundred students at NYU London, it was quite easy to find friends to explore the new city. Furthermore, NYU Student Affairs had dozens of free student outings throughout the seamster. I will preface this photo essay by saying I had a wonderful time in London. Come with me, and you will see…*some* of the wonders I saw at study abroad! Keep scrolling!

Try some food!

Camden Market
Mac and cheese made fresh!

With thousands of stalls and shops, thousands of people from all across the world and even local come to Camden Market to shop, eat, or just explore. If you’re a foodie like me, you will love your visit to Camden Market!

Engage in free school trips!

My biggest advice is take advantage of all the free excursions led by NYU London Student Affairs. Free tickets to Hamilton? Yours! Free tickets to Stonehenge? Yours!


Immerse in the Culture

Produce storefront, Brixton

Brixton is a cultural cultural area with Caribbean roots. As part of my Cultures and Context class, we visited the area and learned about its rich history. Of course, I couldn’t leave without buying an authentic Jamaican meat patty and ginger soda to pair.

Mushroom Pie and Chips!
Afternoon Tea

Lessons you learn...

Well, that’s all folks! This was just a small, small fraction of my experience in London! I highly encourage any and everyone to take advantage of what studying away has to offer. It may feel daunting at first, but remember that your friends and family are just a phone call away. I return to the NYC campus with so much perspective, independence, and personal development. These are life-long skills that cannot be learned without experience! So, tell me? Is NYU London the place for you?

Esofi Nunyi is a senior in the College of Arts and Science studying Global Public Health and Sociology on the premed track. Born in Maryland, Esofi is an east coast native but spent some time living in North Dakota. Aside from being an Admissions Ambassador, Esofi enjoys going for walks in the city and trying new foods!