Throughout high school, most of us are told that we need to know exactly what we want to study and do for the rest of our lives. But let’s be honest, no one knows exactly what they want to do at 17! Deciding what you want to do for the rest of your life is a daunting task. Having to make that decision at 17? Even harder! I distinctly remember applying to college and being constantly confused about what I wanted my major to be. I googled what some of the most lucrative majors were and Computer Science was one of them. That made my choice for me!

Free Trial? Yes!

I applied and got into the Computer Science program. However, after my first semester of classes, I realized it was not what I wanted to do. I liked it but I did not love it. That was an important distinction for me! During my winter break, I researched other majors at Tandon. That’s when I found the Business and Technology Management (BTM) major. My interest was piqued!

I reached out to my adviser and asked if I might be able to transfer into the program. Luckily for me, my adviser was more than happy to help. So that spring, I basically did a trial run of BTM, taking introductory classes I found interesting. You may be wondering, “how did you do a trial run of a major?” Well, it is through the magic of the core curriculum. The one semester I tested out the BTM waters, I took core classes. That is, the credits from those classes still counted toward my current degree if I decided not to transfer.

After that trial run, I officially transferred into BTM. And the rest is history! I was a little daunted at first since I wasn’t sure if I made the right decision. But after settling in and taking my classes, I knew it was the right choice.

BTM Classes

My favorite part of BTM has honestly been the variety of classes and the range of knowledge areas. By the end of the semester, I can always relate my classes to my major’s focus: the intersection of technology and innovation in business.

Thus far, one of my favorite classes was marketing. We learned the fundamentals of marketing as well as emerging marketing paradigms like relationship marketing. We also worked in groups on a semester-long project to come up with a marketing solution for a company. What’s more, those practical skills have been useful in other classes as well as jobs and internships. 

In addition to classes for my major, I’ve also taken classes in other subject areas. Two semesters ago, I took a Food Photography course. Each week we took photos of different kinds of toasts and submitted them as a final project. It’s been great because I can stay on track with my major while exploring other subjects. 

A white plate of toast with tomato sauce and melted cheese.
One of the classes I took was Food Photography. I got to create my own recipes!
Large posters of text in a library exhibition.
For my Ethics and Technology class, I toured a Bobst Library and wrote a paper on the topics it explored.

Looking Back...

Beside loving my classes, one of the reasons BTM was a good switch for me is the community. Since it is such a small department, I meet the same people in more than one class. Furthermore, I can interact with professors on a personal level, learning more about their professions outside of teaching. The community also helps you with internships, jobs, and research opportunities. Additionally, I’ve had the chance to talk to different industry professionals at BTM networking events. 

The Temple of Dendur at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.
I also got to visit the Met and wrote a paper about the museum!

Being a BTM major has been the best experience for me! I’ve learned and done some incredible things. Transferring during my first year was intimidating, but I am so glad I did it…I have gotten some incredible opportunities. It is OK to experiment with what you want to study, especially during your first year of college. There are so many programs available! It’s important you end up where you belong and study what you are passionate about.

Take risks and don’t be afraid to explore. You might find the major that perfectly encapsulates everything you want to do and more!

I am currently a senior in the Class of 2024 at the Tandon School of Engineering studying Business and Technology Management concentrating in Strategy, and I also have a minor in Bioethics. I am originally from India but I grew up in Dubai, so I’ve kind of been all over the place. When I’m not working for Admissions Ambassadors or studying you can find me at the closest boba shop or bookstore. And I spend the rest of my free time being an avid Taylor Swift fan.