• The NYU SPS High School Academy program includes Weekend Workshops and Career Edge.
  • Weekend Workshops take place over the course of four Saturdays during either the fall or spring semester.
  • Career Edge takes places over the summer, with each course lasting one week.
Two students talking with a professor.

Curious what college classes are actually like? Excited by a particular topic or subject and can’t wait to dive deeper into it? Ready to leverage your stellar work into new experiences? Hoping to do all this under the guidance of subject experts while balancing an already-busy schedule? The NYU School of Professional Studies (SPS) has got you. With two unique programs designed solely for high school students, Weekend Workshops and Career Edge, SPS High School Academy helps you get college and career ready.

Each of these programs provides high school students with the chance to learn about various professions alongside like-minded peers. What’s more, they build on real-world skills and experiences. Intrigued? Let’s dive a little deeper into each so you can decide which is more ideal for you.

A student presenting during class.

Weekend Workshops

As the name suggests, Weekend Workshops take place over the weekend. So they won’t interfere with your busy schedule during the week. Classes, which are open to all high school students, take place during both the fall and spring terms. And they cover myriad topics—from journalism and criminal justice to psychology and film and television.

During the course of a typical Weekend Workshop, students spend four Saturdays exploring the topic of their choice. Want to have a professional journalist review your writing? Keen to conduct a real-life analysis of the stock market? Interested in learning about libel, slander, and other legal terms? If so, Weekend Workshops might be a great choice for you. “My experience exposed me to a new subject area and expanded my mind,” says a former student. “It also enabled me to meet new friends from different parts of the country. I enjoyed the course immensely.”

The best part about Weekend Workshops is that you can study more than one subject if you want to. (That is if the schedules don’t conflict with each other.) With course prices starting at $850, Weekend Workshops are an affordable way for high school students to experience college-level work as well as college life overall. During the fall semester, Weekend Workshops run from October through November. In the spring, they run from February through March.

Another added bonus? There’s a strong chance you’ll build some relationships that last for the rest of your life. Check out what this previous participant has to say: “My time with the people I became friends with was absolutely amazing. The memories and time we spent together was one of the best things I’ve ever felt. I was extremely sad at the end of the program when everyone went their separate ways, but the Weekend Workshop connected us so well that we’re going to have a reunion!”

A professor helping students during a class.

Career Edge

Another SPS High School Academy program called Career Edge is similar to the Weekend Workshops, but there are a few important differences. First, Career Edge is a weeklong workshop that takes place during the summer months. Second, Career Edge daily sessions are longer than Weekend Workshops’. The academic offerings might be a bit different than those offered during the school year, too. But you’ll certainly find courses focused on topics like prehealth, business, writing, and psychology. Career Edge gives students a chance to engage in real-life experiences with students from around the world in courses that are held starting at the end of June through early August.

“I enjoyed broadening my horizons and gaining a new level of understanding of a subject that I’m interested in,” says one recent Career Edge student. “I feel like this course gave me a better view of what I potentially would like to study as an undergraduate.”

With each one-week session starting at $2,395, Career Edge gives high school students a chance to experience NYU campus life during the summer. They can take part in university and citywide events while also exploring all of New York City’s five boroughs. For example, they might enjoy a Broadway show, journey across the Brooklyn Bridge, or visit Yankee Stadium to attend a baseball game.

A student and a professor talking during a classroom session in a computer lab.

Ready to Submit Your Application?

Applying to SPS High School Academy programs is a breeze. Just navigate to the SPS website and submit your application online. On the site you’ll also find more information about Weekend Workshops and Career Edge eligibility requirements.

Before you submit your application, take some time to figure out which workshop you’re most interested in. Also make sure you have your high school transcript ready to share as part of the application. Lastly, if you’re an international student and your first language is not English, you’ll need to submit English language test scores.

Weekend Workshop applications for the fall semester open in August and remain open through the first week of October. Spring semester applications open in January and remain open through early February. For Career Edge, you can expect applications to open early in the spring semester, typically around February 1.

We know finding the right high school program can be challenging. Figuring out how to fit something like this into an already busy schedule—especially during the school year—is super tricky. Weekend Workshops and Career Edge, part of the SPS High School Academy, endeavor to make things a bit simpler for you. They also give you the chance to have what just might be a life- and future-changing experience. According to one former student, “This is an incredible program that I will remember for the rest of my life.”