Starting the journey of finding your first internship as a college student can be both exciting and a bit overwhelming. At NYU, the opportunities are endless, and the city is full of different industries to explore. Whether it be in the fine arts or in the legal field, there is always a space on campus or beyond to reach your professional goals. In this article, I will go through the steps of finding your first internship and how to use the resources available to you as an NYU student.

Attending a Meeting Regarding Women in Entrepreneurial Internships
Attending a Women Founders meeting regarding entrepreneurial internships
Take Advantage of the Wasserman Center For Career Development:

NYU has an accommodating staff of career development professionals to support students in finding jobs and internships. At the Wasserman Center for Career Development, you have access to advisors who help you with resumes, cover letters, and practice interviews. If you are interested in drama, you can get free portrait photos taken and tips for your first audition. Additionally, Wasserman hosts numerous career fairs and networking events in different fields throughout the year for students to meet potential employers. All of these resources are completely free to use and are available to you even as an alumni!


People using a common area in the Wasserman Center for Career Development. There are 16 clocks on the wall showcasing different time zones.
The entrance of the Wasserman Center for Career Development.
Engage with the NYU Alumni Network:

NYU has thousands of graduates across the globe working in a variety of professional spaces. Through the Violet Network, students can connect with former grads through on-campus initiatives or virtual events. As a prelaw student, many alumni events I attend have been hosted through our undergraduate law societies. These alumni are typically professors of law or practicing attorneys across the country. Through these events, I have received advice on LSAT prep, personal statements, and building my personalized law school list. NYU alumni often appreciate the opportunity to guide and support current students in their unique career goals. 


An Event for Career Support at NYU Stern
NYU Stern Career Support Event
Explore On Campus Work Opportunities:

Many departments within NYU offer on-campus work that can be a stepping stone to internships. My first professional experience at NYU was being a research assistant for my professor in the Latinx Studies department. Through this experience, I learned to better my writing and reading skills while deepening my interest in the cultural impact of the Latino diaspora. Additionally, I work as an admissions ambassador through the NYU Office of Undergraduate Admissions. This work includes engaging with a global audience through giving campus tours and writing informational articles like this one! To expand your opportunities, I  encourage students to reach out to their professors, research centers, and administrative offices. They may have student positions open which can give you valuable experience and help you build connections within the university.


Group Photo of Ambassador Cohort
The admissions ambassador cohort at Weekend on the Square
Diversify Your Options:

Coming into NYU, I had very little experience in the legal field and had only ever done volunteer work back home. However, I wish I had considered internships beyond my already established path sooner. It was only after speaking to a first-year professor who had attended NYU Law that I started to look into law schools. Through the resources NYU provides, you can explore opportunities across a wide variety of spaces and follow where your passions take you. This could include startups, nonprofit organizations, and smaller businesses as they usually offer more hands-on experience. Moreover, with NYU being in the heart of the city, you are surrounded by a diverse range of opportunities allowing you to discover your interests with little difficulty.


A photo of me going into my first professional interview
A photo I took during the spring semester of my first year, going into my first ever professional interview

Elena Garcia is a senior studying English literature on the prelaw track with minors in Business of Entertainment, Media, and Technology and Social and Cultural Analysis. She is the president of NYU’s Literacy Advocacy Coalition and the founder of Barraz Genesis, a nonprofit organization with branches in Arizona, Texas, and NYC dedicated to increasing literacy rates in underrepresented school districts. Elena works extensively in immigration law, researching migratory patterns and the cultural structures present within the Latino community. When she is not giving tours with her fellow admissions ambassadors, she loves exploring New York City’s vibrant cultural scene, including Broadway shows, The Metropolitan Opera, art museums, and new dining spots.