The NYU Step team posing for a group photo.

With NYU Step Team, students can de-stress, express themselves, and have fun with new friends. If you’re new to the world of stepping, what do you need to know about this dance form? It’s most commonly performed as a group and uses every part of the body to create percussive, highly choreographed, and synchronized movements. While footwork is key, handclaps, body slaps, and vocals are equally important. Step proudly traces its origins to Black American communities and has become increasingly popular around the world as it continues to evolve.

The students who make up NYU Step Team come from across the University. They pursue a wide range of majors, from Integrated Design and Media to Politics. The supportive community brings them together. “I’ve been part of the team since my first semester at NYU,” says Asata Spears, who was the team’s cocaptain. “At my first Club Fest, a friend who had just started the team invited me to join. I did step in high school, so I knew it would be the perfect opportunity to get involved and practice my choreography. I had a wonderful time dancing with my friends every week.” 

While the team undoubtedly includes some talented and highly skilled dancers, NYU Step Team welcomes students from all backgrounds and levels of experience. There are no tryouts, and the team learns together at weekly practices, where anyone can suggest new moves and routines. Throughout the year, the club hosts performances with delicious food and drinks available for attendees to enjoy. Additionally, they host occasional yoga, movie, and game nights.

As your excitement for college grows, remember that your health and well-being are just as important as academics. Keep your stress level low and your mind sharp by staying physically active, being present in your body, and practicing multifaceted movements, especially during busy times like midterms and finals. And it’s even more fun when you get to spend time with your friends!

Members of the NYU Step Team dancing.

Ideas Welcome, Always

At NYU, college life reflects city life. Here, you’ll find countless communities within a larger community, making it surprisingly easy to feel at home. Clubs are one of the quickest ways to plug in, with over 300 options to choose from. And don’t forget: you can always make your own!