How to Find Your Perfect Match: College Major Edition

Fall in love with the college experience—one class at a time

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Love Is in the Air...

…but with so many fish in the sea, how can you find “the one”?

Choosing a college major can feel daunting. There are so many options out there (NYU offers more than 230 undergraduate areas of study, for example), so how could you possibly find the perfect one? You’re a multifaceted individual. Surely one major doesn’t encapsulate all you can do, think, and love.

If you’ve had these thoughts, don’t worry.

I’m here to offer exactly how to choose the perfect college major for you. Let’s find “the one.”


If you’re not sure where to start, think about potential career paths you want to pursue. From there, write down the ones that interest you the most.

Once you have your list, work backward to determine what degree corresponds to your chosen career path. For example, if you wrote “doctor,” search for premed or biology programs. Or, if you wrote “actor,” perhaps a BFA acting program is more your style.

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Now that you’ve determined your career path and corresponding major, it’s time to research the schools and programs that offer it. This is a super important aspect of the college search process. It can alter your list—in a good way!

If you’re not sure where to start, Google is an excellent tool. A simple search of your desired major will reveal some great resources. Don’t be afraid to browse.

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In addition, a lot of schools (NYU included) have outlines of each college major and program offered on their respective websites. In NYU’s case, you can find core curriculum and degree requirements for each major on their specific web pages at

Better yet, social media initiatives (such as @MeetNYU—follow us!) give students an even deeper understanding of the daily lives of students. This is also a great research tool, as personal accounts from students can help you narrow down your selection and find your perfect match.

Pursue What YOU Want

Remember, you’re choosing what you’re going to dedicate the next four years (at least) of your academic career to.

Choose wisely.

Make sure your major is something you’re passionate about! You’ll get to know the subject pretty intimately, so it’s important it at leasts intrigues you. Also, if you truly care for the program you’re applying to, your application will genuinely reflect it, which is always a plus.

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