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If you’re looking to study business globally without committing to a full semester in another country, you’re in luck! I’ll be telling you about all the business classes you can take that require a week’s worth of travel during the semester. The Leonard N. Stern School of Business offers three courses that require travel from 7-10 days. They have been the highlight of my experience at NYU, and once you read this, they can be yours, too!

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Stern International Volunteers: Ghana is by far the best class I’ve ever taken at NYU. This course offers students the chance to work with an NGO and a Batik business at a rural Ghanaian village. You learn about how Ghanaians do business, and you work on non-business related projects to maximize your impact. The best part about this class? The immersion! We all learned Ewe and we bargained at local markets for food to help cook a Ghanaian dinner for families. Everything I learned from living around local residents reshaped my entire path in college, leading me to study sustainable business! This experience also inspired me to pursue an internship with Adanu, the NGO partnered with NYU for the class. Taking classes like SIV Ghana can push you toward paths you never considered beforehand.

Adaptation is an important skill to learn in the business world, especially as you tackle a wide variety of business issues in new environments.
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Do you have a passion for social impact? Are you interested in a job in consulting? Sustainability Impact Consulting: Costa Rica is just for you! This class gives you the opportunity to work with small businesses throughout Costa Rica to directly tackle issues they’re facing. My class went to Costa Rica for about a week during our January break. My team specifically worked on marketing problems going on within a local non-profit organization. We traveled throughout Costa Rica and worked closely with people who were thankful for our time and work. We also got a first hand view on how business varies from country to country. Costa Rica does an amazing job at turning sustainability into a competitive advantage, which is a valuable lesson American companies are starting to learn!

Studying business globally allows you to share your resources with people who are thankful for your work.

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Finally, if you’re looking to learn more about Islamic finance and consumption patterns in the Middle East, take The Middle East: Cultures, Markets, and Strategies! You would be taking a class trip to Abu Dhabi and you would learn about sovereign wealth funds, and the geopolitics of oil and renewable energy, among others. This class also gives you the opportunity to immerse yourself in a culture while examining how economic, political, and social structures in a region can affect business strategies. Abu Dhabi is a beautiful city, so don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity to study business globally!

Getting out of your comfort zone transforms you into a global citizen capable of impact anywhere you go.

Business is an interesting field that’s constantly evolving, and it’s important to understand just how business changes around the globe. Once you get out of your comfort zone and study business globally, you’ll have an easy time connecting with people you meet from around the world and understanding certain economic trends. This will make you an active global citizen and a definite leader in social impact!

Maite Rodriguez proudly hails from Newark, New Jersey with Spanish and Brazilian roots. As a student in the Stern School of Business studying Management and Sustainable Business, Maite has garnered an interest in working closely with the people her work directly impacts. Maite has studied away in various NYU sites, yet her defining experiences in college have been classes which required traveling, such as SIV Ghana and SIC Costa Rica. The time she spent interning in Ghana and Costa Rica in organizations that promoted sustainability and community development in low-income communities has inspired Maite to take her NYU education and use it to help economic development throughout the world.