A struggle we all face: How do I possibly choose a major?

As a prospective college student, trying to identify what you want to study in college may be a daunting task. There are thousands of majors and programs out there, and hundreds of schools to get your degree. Will the school you attend have all of the subjects you’re looking for to achieve a well rounded education? How are the professors? Are there extracurricular activities that pique your interests?

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Let’s face it: applying to college during a global pandemic can feel like taking a shot in the dark. Students cannot attend in-person college campus tours or sit in on information sessions. Any virtual activities that simulate a real college experience or provide additional details about a school’s offerings could help students to make the most educated choice possible. What if there was a chance to see what a real college class feels like from your bedroom? 


NYU student learning virtually in Career Edge

By the time I got to my junior year in high school, I had a rough idea of what I wanted to study. I decided on business. I also knew of so many schools that had great business programs across the country. The problem was that I did not know exactly what type of business to focus on. It took me quite awhile to land on studying hotel and tourism management. However, I would have decided a lot sooner if I could’ve just gotten a taste of what the major was before I made my decision. That’s where precollege programs come in!

Virtual NYU classes before I apply? YES!

When I was in high school, I wish I knew about Career Edge. Career Edge is a high school summer program created by the School of Professional Studies at NYU. The program will be offered in-person for the summer of 2022. The program offers intensive one-week career focused study options for rising high school sophomores, juniors, and seniors. There are hospitality classes like Destination Marketing and Event Planning and Management in New York City. There are also unique business classes like Investing like a Wall Street Pro and Introduction to Financial Technology. Career Edge even offers medical classes such as Public Health and Exploring Careers in Medicine, as well as arts classes like Discovering New York City Architecture: A Foundation in Design, Theory, and Practice and Screenwriting—Visual Storytelling: From Short to Feature-Length Films. Clearly, something for everyone! 

A student conducting research in an experimental laboratory at NYU Abu Dhabi.
What if I still don't know?

After taking part in a pre-college program at NYU, you may still be unsure about what major is right for you. Being undecided at NYU is OK! If you apply to NYU New York, you will still apply to one of ten schools or colleges. You have the flexibility to change your major or concentration with the assistance of academic and cross-school advisors. You may end up knowing what school you wish to apply into, but find interest in a variety of courses. While my main focus at NYU is hospitality and tourism management, I’ve taken music classes and even environmental science courses for my liberal arts requirements. Take a look at this article written by one of the assistant directors of admissions David Querusio, “Is It Ok to Apply Undecided to NYU?” if you still want to know more. 

Getting Involved!

Many NYU students define their experience by the numerous clubs, sports, and other communities they belong to on campus. Throughout your summer experience, NYU Summer Programs plan to host a set of incredible virtual events for students to participate in. There will be an online talent show and glimpses into clubs related to many interests such as music and social justice. Students can even attend virtual NYC museum visits and exclusive college admissions workshops.

Monsters University art Club
If you’re a high school student that wants to enrich your summer in unique ways, I highly recommend taking advantage of this virtual opportunity!

Hi everyone! My name is Joe Pagliazzo and I’m from Medfield, Massachusetts (I like to say I’m from Boston because that sounds cooler even though I actually grew up more than a half an hour outside of the city…). I’m a sophomore at the School of Professional Studies majoring in Hospitality and Tourism Management, and pursuing a concentration in Organizations and Operations. On campus, I’m a tenor in the only all male acapella group at NYU, Mass Transit. I also play trombone and was involved in the pit orchestra for the Tisch New Theatre’s production of Legally Blonde in Fall 2019. I enjoy donating my time with community service groups on campus such as the SPS Community Service Club. My favorite things to do in the city with my free time are exploring neighborhoods like Soho and Williamsburg with friends, and finding the best coffee shops and places to eat!