Course Registration can be a challenging process. From the number of courses to select from to figuring out what courses need to be taken when, there are loads of factors that can impact a smooth registration.  Luckily, we’ve created this guide to help you navigate the process a bit more seamlessly. In this guide, you’ll learn about resources, opportunities and some helpful hints for a more seamless registration process.



Albert, NYU’s student information system, offers a variety of tools to help you prepare for the registration period. On Albert, you can:

  1. Check your registration time
  2. Check your registration holds
  3. Search for classes
  4. Validate your classes to check prerequisites
  5. Enroll in and swap classes
  6. Access the academic planner

Academic Planner

Figuring out what classes to take and when to take them can be confusing. Did you know that there’s a tool that helps you and your advisor plan the courses you need from your first term through graduation? The academic planner is the one place where you can find it all.

screen shot of Academic Planner on Albert

Academic Advisor

Academic advisors help students identify and make a plan to achieve their personal and academic goals. Connecting with your academic advisor during the registration process is vital to creating an academic plan. Find your advisor here.

person in purple sweatshirt talking to a person in a grey t-shirt in an office.

Student Success

Need more help to narrow down your interests or figure out what programs work best for you? Contact the Office of Student Success to connect with a Success Specialist. They are trained to provide support in a variety of different areas, including student learning, growth, development, and the student experience. 

Lobby of the NYU StudentLink building.

NYU Connect

If you’re not sure who to talk to about a pressing question, you’re not alone. Try logging into NYU Connect to schedule meetings with people in your personalized Success Network, such as your advisor and other student support areas.

A group of students sitting in a classroom
  1. If you change your mind or got waitlisted for some of your classes, you can use the swap function in Albert. Here’s a quick swapping classes guide.
  2. Remember your registration time on Albert and set an alarm! You do not want to be late and miss out on some of your first-round classes.
  3. Consult with other students about their future courses or previous courses they have taken. You’ll never know what advice you can find!
  4. Prepare! Prepare! Prepare! Make sure to make that meeting with your advisor or take time when picking your classes. Know what you need to take and find it accordingly.

*If you’re on federal financial aid, you probably need to be enrolled for a certain number of credits each semester in order to be eligible for aid. Just remember: credits for waitlisted courses don’t count toward your enrollment until you’ve been offered a spot, so the swap function can be really helpful in those cases.

Good luck with registration!