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Internships are incredibly valuable experiences. The grants offered at NYU make them possible for so many students. Here’s some advice on searching and applying for grants at NYU.

My Story

When my phone buzzed at work, I could only glance at my home screen for a second. The subject line of the email was “CONGRATULATIONS!” It was from NYU’s Wasserman Center for Career Development. Could it be? I slipped out of the room in a hurry to read the email, and it was what I suspected:

Wasserman had just awarded me a grant for my summer internship.

I spent three months in a maximum security correctional facility in Erie County. Each day, I left my phone locked in an office, clipped on my ID, and buzzed into the back door of the jail. I signed myself in, walked to the Forensic Psychiatry department, and waited for the doctor to arrive. Over a few hours, we would see anywhere from five to fifteen inmates. Their problems were serious. They had been referred to the psychology department for a reason. It was intense, it was challenging, and I was exhausted at the end of each day. I learned a massive amount in a short amount of time,

and I made no money.

This is the story told by thousands of students before me, and thousands more that will come after me. Internships can offer so much. They give you an opportunity to get involved in the real world. They allow you to have amazing experiences that will shape your career. Unfortunately, they are also not an option for many students, as they are typically unpaid. That means the student foots the bill for gas, clothes, lunch, parking, and more. I knew that my internship could be a financial burden, so I applied to Wasserman’s unpaid internship grant.

Wasserman gives $500,000 every year to students like me, students pursuing amazing internships that simply don’t offer money as part of the deal.

Because of the Wasserman grant, I got to do the work I was passionate about, without sacrificing financial stability.

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Grants at NYU

NYU offers a variety of grants and scholarships for students. Some of those grants are college-specific. That means that only students within a specific college at NYU can apply to them. For example, NYU students in the College of Arts and Science, who are considering studying away for a semester, can apply to the Dean’s Opportunity Fund for Study Away. This award offers $2,000 to students who have been admitted to one of NYU’s global programs, and would be giving up a current job to attend.

There are also awards that are open to all NYU students!

The Marc and Ruti Bell Public Service Scholarship offers $8,000 to students who want to pursue public service as a career—that includes law, teaching, and more. Check out this page to learn more about these grants, and other funding opportunities at NYU.

My Advice for You

My advice to students at NYU who want grants like these: be real. If you read the description for the grant you want and it doesn’t sound like you, don’t apply for it.

Choose the grants that match your interests, your activities, and your future goals.

On your application don’t just list off your accomplishments. The people who provide these grants want to see your passion. They want to see that you care about something. Your best shot at getting one of these grants is to present your most authentic self, not the version of yourself that you think they want to see.

Grants can change the course of your education and your career. Give yourself time to reflect on why you deserve this grant, then tell them. Approach your applications with seriousness and authenticity.

Now go forth and get your coin!

Hi everyone! My name is Marie and my pronouns are she/her. I’m a Sophomore in the College of Arts and Science and I’m majoring in Politics and Psychology. I’m from Buffalo, New York, so if you have any questions about cold, snow, or chicken wings, I’m your girl. I love writing, singing, and knitting. I have a dog named Khaleesi, but trust me, she’s not plotting to burn down King’s Landing.