• The Professional Development and Career Education (PDCE) team at NYU Stern provides students with career-related resources, guidance, and support.
  • PDCE professional development resources are available from your first year to your last.
  • The PDCE Peer Mentor program partners seniors with students of all years who seek extra advice, tips for résumé writing, interview guidance, and more.
Exterior of the NYU Stern School of Business.

Sharpen your professional skills. Connect with industry leaders. Navigate your unique path in the world of business. At the NYU Stern School of Business, students aren’t alone in exploring their future careers. Far from it. The Professional Development and Career Education (PDCE) team is one of the most impactful resources available to them. PDCE is a group that provides students with support, advice, community, and more.

“PDCE is like a one-stop shop for all your career preparation resources,” says Jo Tong, a recent Stern graduate who co-concentrated in finance and computing and data science. Jo also worked with PDCE as a peer mentor. “When you first get to college, it can be really overwhelming to figure out how to approach what you want to do professionally. PDCE offers a very structured way for students to explore different industries and make that first step to connect with professionals in those industries.”

Students at their internship in Washington, DC.

There from Start to Finish

Whether you’re in your first year or your last, PDCE has resources to guide you along your professional path. First-year students are introduced to PDCE through the required course, the Cohort Leadership Program. PDCE leads a module focused specifically on career preparation and education. Then, during students’ sophomore year, PDCE hosts the Recruitment Ready program. Recruitment Ready covers a range of essential topics including networking strategies, résumé review, and finding the right internships and company fits.

“The team is passionate about helping students succeed. Their programs reflect that,” explains Dee Leggard, a rising junior majoring in Business with concentrations in sustainable business and marketing. “Their initiatives include industry panels and interview preparation all aimed at preparing students for their future careers. Every time I’ve been to a PDCE program, I’ve felt more confident and equipped in my professional journey.”

PDCE is also passionate about connecting students with professionals in various industries. Through their Stern Talks series, students have the chance to engage with and learn from alumni. Finally, the PDCE Peer Mentor program connects seniors with students of all years seeking extra advice. Peer mentors help with everything from writing résumés to interviewing.

“My peer mentors helped me figure out which career path would be the best fit for me,” says Nika Volfson, a recent Business major graduate. While at Stern, Nika co-concentrated in accounting and finance. She transferred to NYU during her sophomore year and began meeting with peer mentors immediately. Since graduating, Nika began working as a consultant at Deloitte. She credits PDCE in helping her decide on the job. “They were very supportive throughout my recruitment journey, especially because there really isn’t one specific way to go about recruiting,” she says.

A group of students of color in a lecture hall.

Finding the Perfect Career Fit

PDCE’s goals fall perfectly in line with Stern’s five pillars. The team is there to not only help students learn about the range of career opportunities available to them but also build community along the way. They know there’s no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to finding the perfect career fit. And their personalized programming reflects that.

“I don’t know exactly what I want to do postgraduation, but, fortunately, the PDCE team has been a great resource for me to explore my career interests,” concludes Dee. “Their programs give you valuable information and tips to prepare for your future. Though you may have a lot of time before you start recruitment, it’s important to prepare early and build a strong network so you feel confident going into the recruiting process.”

Kelly McHugh-Stewart is a Senior Writer and Strategist for NYU’s University Relations and Public Affairs Office of Marketing Communications, where she seeks out and enjoys telling stories that help people understand the world through a new lens. Kelly holds an MFA in Creative Writing from The New School and a BA in Journalism and Mass Communications from Kansas State University. Her reporting and personal essays have appeared in the New York Times, The Washington Post, Reader’s Digest, CNN Opinion, and Sports Illustrated, among others.