Cat on stacks of papers

Let’s Think About This For A Minute

You’ve done your research and are incredibly excited to apply to NYU Abu Dhabi. You’ve looked at the Apply for Admission page carefully and have all your documents ready. You also wish to share all the facts about your academic and personal life with us in depth and detail. On top of this, you’ve written the best ever Common App essay answer in history.

Above everything, you want to make sure you do everything in your power to put in the best application possible.

But Wait, You Have More To Say!

With this in mind, surely you should also send us all the internship references you have, all your language classes certificates, photos of your volunteering trip, your resume on video, four references from your mentors – shouldn’t you? After all, these things are clearly an important part of you. How can the application reader get to really know YOU without all of these additional materials?

Here Is The Thing

The truth is that experts in the field designed the Common Application very carefully. As a result, it will enable you to share 99% of what is relevant and needed to make your college application come to life.

If you’re still itching to send additional materials, ask yourself:

  • Is this piece of information already mentioned elsewhere in the Common Application?
  • Is there another field in the Common App I could use to talk about this? Looking at you, Additional Information section of the application!
  • Will this mountain of extra information really make a difference in the end?

If the answers to these questions are yes, yes, and no – do not send any additional materials. To clarify – we do not need them.

Not Sending All That Extra Information Is A Good Thing.

Importantly, it shows that you:

  • Can follow instructions and guidelines.
  • Are able to share the right information, where it belongs, and in a concise way.
  • Respect the (very busy) reader. You make it easy for them to find the relevant information they actually need, without drowning them in documents.
  • Respect the reader – again! You understand their time with your application is limited and should be used wisely.

What You Should Do Then?

In short, do invest your time and effort in crafting a great Common Application, within the parameters given to you. Do not worry about what has not been requested from you. Through the Common Application, you will provide enough detail and depth to convey what a fantastic addition you would be to the NYU Abu Dhabi student body!

You can find more details on our upcoming deadlines by visiting this page.

Lisa is a Senior Assistant Director of Admissions for NYU Abu Dhabi and the Global Admissions Team, based in the London office.
Born and raised in France, Lisa also lived in Denmark and spent a couple of years in leafy upstate New York.  She is a dedicated gardener, a keen traveler to India and Japan, and loves watching the tennis at Wimbledon. She now spends her free time playing with her little rescue terrier dog, Cooper.