ED I Admission Release Is Here

The email youʼve equally anticipated and dreaded since November 1 hits your inbox: your ED I admission letter. You muster the courage to open it and click the link. But no matter what decision awaits you, youʼre going to want to start thinking about whatʼs next.

Whatʼs Next If I Am Denied?

First off, itʼs important for you to know that a denial is not an indictment on you as an individual or on your ability as a student. NYU—like many other institutions—receives tens of thousands of applications every year for a limited number of spots. It is a competitive application process with a competitive pool for a lot of competitive programs. Your ability to succeed in an academic setting is far, far less a function of where you go. It is more so function of what you bring to the table and the opportunities you take advantage of.

That being said, ED I admission release is just the tip of the iceberg. You may not have gotten into your first-choice school, but your second, third, fourth or fifth may be the one you honor with your amazing presence. If you havenʼt begun the early action or early decision II applications to the institutions that offer them, itʼs time to get cracking. Luckily, you already have the template from your ED I admission application to work off of. Work with your counselor or family to figure out what tweaks you can make to strengthen them. Then, donʼt hesitate to hit send on your next round of applications.

Whatʼs Next If I Am Deferred?

This is probably the most daunting space to be in at ED I admission release. Not knowing if or when your number might be called can be nerve-racking. A deferral decision at ED I release could mean a lot of things. It could be that we are waiting to see how your grades improve or if they hold steady. Or it could be that there is something missing in your application that we are still waiting on. Regardless of the reason for a deferral decision, youʼre going to want to do a few things:


  1. Make sure you submitted all of your documents by checking your applicant portal. Remember that official documents such as transcripts and test scores must be sent by your counselor, a school official, or the testing agency.
  2. Keep your grades up. Admissions offices reserve the right to review all documentation from when they first receive them up until final regular decision release. This includes spring midterm grades. A drop in your grades without explanation might take you from a deferral to a denial instead of to an admit. Maintaining or improving your grades over the course of the remaining weeks of your senior year could make a huge difference.
  3. Send out more applications. A deferral from ED I to RD means you have the opportunity to weigh your options. Donʼt put all your eggs in one basket and send out those RD apps to the other institutions on your list.

Whatʼs Next If I Am Admitted?

Congratulations are in order! Definitely go ahead and share the good news with your friends and loved ones. Then make sure you do the following:


  1. Accept the offer of admission through your applicant portal by the deadline written in your offer letter.
  2. Withdraw your applications from any other institutions you may have applied to.
  3. Keep your grades up! If youʼve ever been on the New York City subway, you know you need to swipe your ticket to both get into and out of the station. Your grades thus far got you a positive admissions decision, but maintaining those grades is the key to actually matriculating come fall. No slacking off!
  4. Do some research and make a game plan. While you can certainly expect to grow and evolve during your time in college, I think itʼs important to go in knowing what you most want to get out of it. What programs do you want to be part of? Where do you see yourself living? What kind of community do you want to build over the course of your four years? These are all great questions to ask yourself and explore during the months following your admission.
Eudora is an Assistant Director of Undergraduate Admissions for NYU Abu Dhabi, reading applications from the U.S., the Caribbean and Sub-Saharan Africa. What she especially loves about her job is traveling around the world to meet prospective students and telling them about all the amazing opportunities that exist at NYU. She enjoys reading, cooking, and putting things in online carts she’ll probably never buy.