Autumn foliage in Washington Square Park.

Alexa, play “Welcome to New York” by  Taylor Swift! You read that right! We’re thrilled to welcome you and your family back to our campus this Fall to learn all about New York University through our prospective student events. NYU is big and New York is even bigger, but no worries! Our Undergraduate Admissions team is here to help you through your college journey. We know this new chapter brings a lot of BIG change, so check out our Fall 2022 Program Guide below, designed to help you navigate this season of events and connect with faculty, staff, and students. Read on below for a look at our prospective student events this fall!


All Things Academic: Fall Open House

At NYU, our global community, and innovative academia help set us apart, but find out how during our  NYU Fall Open House. Get a crash course on NYU’s 10 schools and colleges, and three degree granting campuses. Plus, attend supplemental sessions that cover all the college essentials for your 4 years at NYU. Want to get to the center of NYU academics? Make sure to register for a School Spotlight(s) of your choice, and get an exclusive scoop of academic communities and student experiences via Complementary Sessions or Academic Breakouts.

Find the "You" in NYU

It may come as no surprise, but at NYU, we believe educational experiences are not limited to a classroom or one point of view. More importantly, we also know this experience is not just limited to you — it includes your support systems, too! During our Fall Open House, we have a variety of additional sessions to help you determine if NYU is the right fit for you. 

Our Beyond the Classroom: Finding your community at NYU allows you to hear from current student voices, while our Identity and Advocacy @ NYU, hosted by NYU’s Center for Multicultural Education and Programs, highlights avenues of activism through academic studies and extracurricular offerings on campus.

What’s the 411 on NYU Admissions?

At NYU, we don’t just walk the walk — we talk the talk, too! Join us virtually for our Unmuted Series, where we discuss a variety of common and unconventional topics of interest to students from across the country and the globe. These sessions offer you an opportunity to explore NYU through many different perspectives, experiences, and identities from specific subject areas, to what it’s like commuting to and from campus.

Our Admissions Counselors host the virtual Zoom In Series. In these sessions, you can ask more specific questions, like how to craft your academic curriculum, study abroad, or what the college search is really like behind the scenes. Both these series are virtual so be sure to register for as many as you’d like to attend!

Peer to Peer: The NYU Ambassadors are here!

Now, we know the idea of going to college brings up a lot of questions, and sometimes it’s easier chatting with someone who just gets it! Luckily for you, we know just the right people to help you feel more at ease. Throughout the coming months, drop into our Ambassador Chats where current students have an assortment of intimate conversations traversing all avenues of college life — from making friends to navigating the subway. Get a head start on your college journey and learn the real tea on school-life balance.

Feeling a little more at ease? We hope so! But if you have any questions about our prospective student events, check out our website, or email us at [email protected]. We look forward to hosting you on the Square and across the screen!

Frances Adetola is a current international graduate student from Ghana, and is a member of the class of 2022. She is pursuing a Masters in Global Hospitality Management with a concentration in Customer Relations from the School of Professional Studies. Since being a student at NYU, she has been very much involved in the community; Graduate Student Council, Hospitality, Events and Tourism Society, International Students club and in the NYU Admissions Enrollment Management, Marketing and Communications. Her hobbies include volunteering, sociology, outdoor activities and listening to music.