You receive the admissions notification, open it, and see that you just got into NYU early decision. Congratulations! You have shown that you are committed to NYU and are on the way to attending your dream school. So, first things first, accept your admission. Early decision is a binding agreement. So you are expected to accept as long as your financial aid is enough and you were admitted into your desired program of study. If not, you have the choice to rescind it. But, anyway, get excited! Early decision helps relieve a lot of the senior year stress. An early answer allows you to prioritize other things but is also confusing. What do you do while waiting for senior year to end? Here are some steps to make your move to campus as smooth as possible. 

Bunnies jumping up and down in celebration.
First things first...

First, breathe. Getting in early decision is an extraordinary achievement. Your hard work paid off and you deserve a break. Go celebrate with family and friends. But, obviously, still follow COVID precautions. You are one of the special people who got their answer first. NYU saw that you were committed and now you finally will attend your dream school! You are on the path to a great future. That is worthy enough for a celebration. I’m proud of you. We are all proud of you, and we are more than excited to see you in the fall. 

A mantra for early decision admitted students: “Keep Calm and Get Good Grades.”
A good mantra for anyone that gets in early decision.

Second, follow through with your grades. After your well-deserved celebration, there is still some work to be done. While I wish you could sit back and relax for the remainder of your senior year, that is not the case. Remember what got you in in the first place! NYU expects you to finish your high school career with the same performance that got you admitted to NYU. Especially when using predicted grades, you want to ensure you end up in that score range. Obviously, changes can happen and that’s OK. Just make sure to update those by emailing our counselors. But, there’s nothing to be afraid of. Continue being you! NYU admitted “you” so keep as close to your “you” as possible.

A calendar agenda.
For the International Students in the Audience...

Third, for international students, start working on obtaining your visa. It is never too early to start the process. Gather the required documents. You will apply for an I-20 or DS-2019 through our Office of Global Services. That will then allow you to apply for a student visa through a US consulate or embassy. Google the one closest to you and make an appointment. Each embassy has different visa appointment wait times, which is why it is important to start this process early. You have the advantage of solving all your visa-related issues on time compared to others. So, use it. I was able to finish all my paperwork by early April and not worry about it for the rest of the year. This gave me time to focus on other things like coursework and exams. Starting the process early will unburden much of the stress, so do it. 

A woman reading a newspaper outside of an apartment building.
Here is the exterior of the apartment in “Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt,” a place I HAD to see as soon as I got off the plane!

Finally, start getting excited about your move in the fall. Watch residence hall tours on TikTok or on our site to determine your preferences. Scroll through NYU Engage to browse different clubs and find one that you might want to join. Go on NYU Albert and look at courses that you might want to take. Look up different things you want to do in the city: museums, parks, coffee shops. … Is there one thing you NEED to do first thing after you land? Plan it out! For me, it was seeing the exterior of the apartment building in Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. So, I planned out a bike trip all the way to Greenpoint, Brooklyn, in order to see it. Small things like the examples above provide extra excitement for the start of your NYU journey. 

Getting in early decision means you have a lot of time to prepare for your move to college. Make good use of it and your transition will be as swift as it can be!  

Neyl is a Junior at the Stern School of Business concentrating in Finance and Global Business and pursuing a Minor in the Business of Entertainment, Media, and Technology. Although his hometown is Munich, Germany, he has created a home for himself in New York City. Apart from being an Admissions Ambassador, he is an active member of the Dancers/Choreographers Alliance and loves creating choreography and performing with his club. On campus you will always find him every Friday at the International Student Center’s Foodie Friday event trying new food from around the world. Off campus you will also find him trying new food by exploring the many restaurants that the city has to offer. As a polyglot, he is a language fanatic and in his free time enjoys starting and never committing to a language, like High Valyrian, on Duolingo.