Break Legs!

Hi Tisch Drama applicants!

If you’re on this page, chances are your artistic review is upcoming or here at last! You’ve most likely been preparing your monologues for weeks, researching the Tisch Drama studios, and familiarizing yourself with Tisch extracurriculars. While all of these steps are great ones to take, the best advice that I have for your artistic review is to show up to your artistic review as authentically as possible. You’ve done all of the preparation; now it’s your time to have fun!

To help ease any lasting nerves you may have, I’ve put together a classic Spotify playlist, complete with the theater songs that we all know and love. Hopefully, it will help you remember why you’re a theater-maker in first place and turn those nerves into excitement!

Break a leg!

Hailing from Las Vegas, Rohun is a third-year Drama student with a minor in the Business, Entertainment, Media, and Technology. Alongside the Admissions Ambassador program, he has been active in the Tisch Undergraduate Student Council, All Asian Arts Alliance, and Tisch Arts Rep. Core. He is a hot chocolate connoisseur, Monopoly enthusiast, and is always on the hunt for a good slice of pizza.