Singing the Message Bounced Blues

Did you use your high school email address on the Common Application? Have you already lost access or are you about to lose access to your email? Continue reading to learn how to fix this and avoid bounced messages.

Every year applicants, admitted students, and waitlisted students miss out on critical information because they lose access to the school email address they used on the Common Application before the admissions process concludes. Students miss deadline reminders and opportunities while we’re singing the message bounce back blues in the office.

Incoming Students

What You're Missing

We send reminders for deadlines to incoming students using the email address from your application until later in the summer when updates start sending to your NYU email address only. The gap between when school ends and you start using your NYU email can lead to missing deadlines, events, opportunities, or other important updates.

How to Avoid Bounced Messages

Incoming students can update their personal email in their student account in NYU Albert to ensure they receive all messages.

Waitlisted Students

What You're Missing

We reach out via the email on your application record to students who accepted a place on the waitlist for a variety of reasons.

The most important, of course, is when we reach out to let you know you’ve been admitted off the waitlist. You’ll only have 72 hours to respond. If our message bounces because you no longer have access to that email address you could miss out on your chance to come to NYU.

We also email to provide updates on waitlist activity across the university multiple times throughout the summer.

How to Avoid Bounced Messages

Students on our waitlist can update their email address using the Personal Information Update Request form on their applicant portal.

The personal update form is located on the applicant portal.