College Application Submitted. What Next?

Your college application has been submitted and all your ducks are in a row. Hurrah! You did it. So…what now?

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Take a Breather

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You should not panic about things that are ultimately outside of your control. You’ve done your best, after all! Now is finally the time to resume your normal life, away from the stress of college applications.

That Said, Do Stay on Top of College Communications

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You will want to make a note of which email address you submitted your college application(s) under. In fact, you will want to check that inbox on a regular basis. NYU may get in touch with you for a variety of reasons, with useful information or important updates for example. You do not want to miss out on these crucial emails.

On the other hand, try to resist refreshing your inbox every five minutes to see if we’ve made you an offer! We rarely send decisions outside of advertised deadlines.

Thank All the People Who Helped You on Your Application Journey

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If you have not already done so, you should thank all the people who supported you and your college application next, including family members, friends, high school counselors, or mentors. Don’t forget the nice NYU admissions staff member who also took the time to answer all your questions!

Have Fun! It’s Allowed

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Most importantly—get your mind off things, relax, and find joy in the world around you. There is more to life than the college application.

Make a TV date with Baby Yoda. Organize an online chat with friends who live across the country. Play your favorite video game with a sibling. Knit a wooly hat for your beloved grandma. Take a nap with your dog (cats are also approved). Read a good book. Go play ball in the park.

Just do whatever floats your boat! You’ll feel so much better afterwards.

Finally, do Remember That Things Happen for a Reason

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On decision day, maybe your “I got into NYUUUUUUU!” all-purple, dancing TikTok video will become viral. Or maybe, the decision you receive will not be the one you expected.

In the end, things do indeed happen for a reason. If not NYU, there’s another university out there that is a perfect fit for you, where you will thrive and be happy. And if it is NYU, well then—see you around campus soon!