Sending Supporting Documents Before Submitting Your Application

You may think you’re getting ahead of the game sending in documents early, but that isn’t always the case.

We scan or import documents as we receive them. If we can’t find a record to match the documents to, they sit in a location in our system we call “Documents Waiting for Applications”. This area holds thousands of documents waiting for an application to arrive. As we receive applications we sift through this endless stash to try to find matches based on name alone. This is a time consuming and imperfect process.

PRO TIP: It’s OK to send documents before you click submit IF we already have a record for you in our system to match your documents to. Joining our mailing list fixes this issue.

Sending Supporting Documents with Your Common Application

It is best to have documents sent via the Common Application portal. Common Application holds all of your documents until you submit the application. That means anything submitted before your application waits and gets sent with your application. Anything submitted after your application get sent to NYU the following business day in batches with your CommonApp ID included. This process ensures that everything is matched with your application automatically.

PRO TIP: Double check the emails you list on the Common Application for your counselor and other recommenders. A typo here can be the difference between being admitted and being denied with an incomplete application because your recommenders never got notified to send your documents to us.

Sending Supporting Documents Separately After Submitting Your Application

The application deadline is just that – the deadline for the application. Keep sending your supporting documents after you submit. Applicants should send all required documents by the following dates to ensure that we have time to process and review everything before decisions have to be locked in.

  • First Year Applicants:
    • Early Decision I – November 15
    • Early Decision II – January 15
    • Regular Decision – February 1
  • Transfer Applicants:
    • Within 10 days of application deadline
It is OK to send supporting documents, including test scores, after the application deadline as long as you successfully submit the application on time.
Standardized Test Scores

Our testing policy is very flexible. You indicate on the Common Application what testing (if any) you want to send to us. Please keep in mind, we accept test scores sent after the deadline, but do not guarantee that we will be able to review scores for exams taken after the deadline.

The main exception here is for international exams where we accept predictions from your school counselor when you apply. Later, admitted students send final results.

PRO TIP: Include your CAID or NYU ID on anything mailed or emailed to us whenever possible. When that is not possible (e.g. scores sent by a testing agency) – make sure your name on the documents matches exactly with the name you used on your application.

Supporting Documents You Should and Shouldn't Send

Requirements for our first year and transfer applicants are available on our website and detail what documents to send.

In general, all applicants send transcripts. Most applicants send standardized test scores. Some international students send testing to demonstrate their English language proficiency. Recommendation details are on our website and in the Common Application.

Some programs have additional requirements like artistic portfolios, auditions, or submitting information about prerequisite courses. Learn more about additional program requirements for first year and transfer applicants on our website.

Avoid sending in extra supporting documents like award certificates. You’ll tell us about the honors you’ve received on the application, we don’t need the receipts.



Sending in your documents before you submit your application can actually lead to it taking longer for your file to complete.

But don’t wait too long

Every year qualified applicants are denied with incomplete applications. They either waited too long or they never sent their supporting documents at all. Your best bet is to submit your application on or before the deadline. Then, send all your supporting documents within one week of submitting.

Jasmine works on the operations team supporting undergraduate admissions for all three campuses (New York, Abu Dhabi, and Shanghai) as well as non-degree programs for students of all ages. The operations team ensures accurate and efficient processing of application materials. Additionally, they maintain data and communications relating to recruitment and enrollment. She started working at NYU in 2010 and is an alumna of NYU with a Master’s degree from Steinhardt. In her free time, she enjoys crocheting with @nyunaughtyknitters and runs a jigsaw puzzle sharing club with over 50 puzzles in her office.