Wendie Pecharsky

Students hanging out next to a balcony in Florence.
NYU First Year Away: Florence Edition

NYU First Year Away is a unique experience for Liberal Studies students, in which they can spend their first year of college at one of our global sites.

Jackson Craig performing on stage and singing into a microphone.
An NYU Clive Davis Student Says It in Song

Not only that, Jackson Craig is also mastering songwriting, recording, and music business.

Students walking down NYC street, NYU flag waves overhead.
First Generation College Student? NYU Has Resources for You

Nearly 20 percent of NYU students are first gen college students. You're in good company.

Students hanging out outside in Florence, Italy.
Which NYU First Year Away Site Is Right for You?

Liberal Studies offers you the incredible opportunity to begin NYU with a year in Florence, London, Paris, or Washington, DC.

NYU Abu Dhabi students walking on campus.
Engineers for Social Impact Learn to Listen First, Then Act

The Engineers for Social Impact program at NYU Abu Dhabi teaches students how to be long-term partners with global communities.

A large group of students attending Club Fest and learning about various club opportunities.
Find Your Niche in NYU Student Clubs

Don’t know where to start? Check out Club Fest.

Students looking engaged and smiling while sitting in a classroom.
Education Studies at NYU: Everything You Want to Know

Learn how educational policy is formed at the community, regional, national, and global levels.

Three students seated together. One of them is writing on paper and the other two are conversing.
Language Learning at NYU

See how learning another language can improve career prospects and expand your brain.

Dancer leaps in the air in the middle of a cobblestone street in Brooklyn.
Movement in the City: Urban Ballet Photography

Tisch School of the Arts student Leon Liu combines grace and grit in his urban photography.

Portrait of Frank Rimalovski standing and smiling for the camera within the eLab facility.
How to Be a Student Entrepreneur at NYU

If you have dreams of being a student entrepreneur, there are resources for you at the Leslie eLab. Whether you want to start with the basics or you already have a million-dollar idea, you should come check it out.