Storefront of Birria LES on Saint Marks Place in New York City.

Access to a wide variety of top-notch food is one of the many beautiful things about living in New York City. From some of the world’s best sit-down restaurants to your regular halal cart, there’s a place for everyone to eat. And as an NYU student, there is no shortage of delicious spots to grab a quick bite after or between classes.

But with so many options, how do you know what to try first? Here’s a list of five of my favorite quick food spots on and around campus. So get out there and grab some mouthwatering takeout to keep you going during your studies and work!

Birria LES, 34 Saint Marks Place

Three Birria tacos in a white to-go box.

If you haven’t been to this new birria tacos spot just off campus, it’s time you pay it a visit! Serving some of the only halal-friendly birria tacos around, Birria LES is one of the best taco spots I have tried during my four years at NYU. Order a couple of birria tacos or nachos and a side of consommé dip, and then you are set for an explosion of authentic Mexican flavor. It will leave you a die-hard fan of this new taco spot on Saint Marks Place.

The Kati Roll Company, 99 MacDougal Street

An assortment of various Indian foods from The Kati Roll Company

A longtime staple for a quick pick-me-up near campus, The Kati Roll Company serves fresh, hot, traditional Indian wraps customized to your liking. It also serves amazing momos, Indo-Tibetan dumplings that can be steamed or panfried. They’re great for satisfying your appetite on a student budget. Definitely visit it the next time you’re on campus. You’ll learn for yourself just how amazing this long-standing food spot really is!

Manousheh Bleecker, 193 Bleecker Street

Lebanese flatbread from Manousheh.

Manousheh is another classic NYU grab-and-go spot for the student who wants a flavorful bite to eat on a tight schedule. Specializing in all kinds of Lebanese flatbreads that are baked in house, Manousheh is a reliable lunchtime staple. It’s perfect for grabbing food in between study sessions. The chicken musakhan is a must-try for any meat eaters. And it offers a variety of vegan and vegetarian-friendly options.

Bao Tea House, Greenwich Village, 140 West Fourth Street

Multicolored bao buns from Bao Tea House set on a brown table.

Do you ever have those moments when you’re hungry enough to get food but not quite hungry enough to order a whole meal? If so, Bao Tea House is the place for you. Just a few blocks from the Bobst Library, this below-ground store serves a variety of savory, fried, sweet, and rice bao buns. The best part? You can order them all individually. Just want one tuna mayo rice or fried chicken bao bun to boost your energy before class? Bao Tea House has your back. 

Boka, 9 Saint Marks Place

Korean fried chicken on a table next to a hollowed-out watermelon holding juice.

Another longtime NYU staple, Boka is a student-friendly Korean fried chicken restaurant. It offers a tasty variety of bibimbap, fried rice, and Korean pancakes. While usually a sit-down spot, Boka is a great place to order ahead and grab a meal to go in your spare time. Their food is a must-try for any current or upcoming student. Just remember to bring cash. They are a cash-only business!

Jaden is a senior at NYU studying Public Policy with a minor in Economics. During his time at NYU he has been involved in multiple on-campus roles such as breaking news editor for NYU Local and Head of Marketing for the NYU Economics Society. After graduation he wishes to pursue a career in in policy or finance. In his free time, Jaden loves to hike, explore new food spots around the city, and catch the latest A24 movie