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You may not be on campus yet, but that doesn’t mean you can’t start working on your NYU bucket list. As a senior, I’m a self-proclaimed expert on NYU campus life. That being said, college feels daunting to an incoming first year. In such a big city, how do you make the most of your first-year experience? Don’t worry—I’m here to put your fears to rest.

Welcome to your very own (unofficial) NYU bucket list. Oh, and welcome home.

A time lapse of the New York City skyline.
1. Attend Welcome Week

As a first year, your NYU experience starts the second you touch down in Greenwich Village. NYU hosts an annual weeklong Welcome Week. The celebration welcomes first-year students to campus with tons of events. There are walking tours, talkbacks, talent shows, and a campus favorite: Drag Bingo (seriously…don’t miss this one).

Welcome Week also features an address from NYU President Andy Hamilton as well as the Reality Show: NYU—a completely original student-written and -performed musical all about life at NYU. This staple event kicks off your NYU experience like no other and fully introduces you to campus life in the greatest city in the world. That’s why it’s claimed the top spot on this NYU bucket list.

Beach balls in Washington Square Park.
2. Eat Palladium Brunch

Scientists confirm the true cure to the Sunday scaries: Palladium Brunch! Every week, the Palladium dining hall creates an extraordinary brunch for students to enjoy. They feature incredible dishes (such as eggs Benedict and paella) as well as an entire dessert bar (including a chocolate fountain!) in the main dining room. Seriously—any student will tell you that Palladium Brunch is a necessary item on the NYU bucket list.

A few years back, NYU produced this video on dining services featuring Palladium Brunch.

A Palladium Brunch dessert spread.
3. Pull an All-Nighter at Bobst

When you have to suffer through a grueling study session, why not do it with a beautiful view? Bobst Library’s study lounges have gorgeous floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking Washington Square Park as well as group study spaces and other accommodations.

Another plus? It’s open 24 hours, so you’re always welcome to come in and get to work—even at 3 a.m.

A GIF of Patrick Star from “Spongebob” that says, “Oh boy! 3am!”
4. Get Discounted Tickets at Skirball

Aside from it being the greatest city in the world, New York City offers TONS to do. But not always the best prices.

However, never fear! NYU has a solution, and itʼs the NYU Box Office. Located at the Skirball Center for the Performing Arts right next door to the Kimmel Center for University Life, NYU Box Office provides students access to tons of discounted tickets in and around the city. You can get tickets to Broadway shows, Yankees games, movies, and more. Chances are, if it exists in New York City and requires a ticket, Skirball has a discount for it! Take advantage of this perk and your wallet will thank you. Another NYU bucket list must-have.

The NYU Skirball Center for the Performing Arts.
5. Take Advantage of All Your Opportunities

The best way to make your NYU campus life experience your own is to be present and do whatʼs best for you. Whether thatʼs meeting with your academic adviser, attending a professorʼs office hours, spending time with friends, or just practicing self-care, take advantage of the opportunities you have to better yourself while at NYU. These opportunities come in many different forms, and you shouldnʼt let any slip away.

Check these items off the NYU bucket list and youʼre guaranteed a great four years here. We canʼt wait to see you thrive!

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Born and raised in South Florida, Noa spreads sunshine all across NYU. She is a junior pursuing a double major in Drama (New Studio on Broadway) at Tisch, and Media, Culture and Communication at Steinhardt. Outside of class (and rehearsal), Noa serves as both a Tisch Drama Arts Rep and a Resident Assistant at Alumni Hall. Her life goals include a career in professional theater or journalism, as well as petting every dog in New York City.