Students sitting on a stage and smiling with ACU tote bags.

Meet the ACU!


The Asian Cultural Union (ACU) is an Asian community organization that was established in 1972. It was formed to unite students of Asian backgrounds in community.

But what makes ACU even better? Students don’t need to be from an Asian background to join and enjoy the club’s amazing events!

As an all-inclusive organization, the ACU boasts a diversity of cultures, backgrounds, and heritages, while providing opportunities for students to expand their horizons and meet lots of people. 

Students playing a game during an event.
How Is the ACU Different?

At NYU, there are many different clubs that exist to bring students of Asian backgrounds together. However, many of these clubs focus on one ethnic background, so students of like-cultures can unite. Instead, with the ACU, that cultural barrier is taken away. The ACU provides students the space to connect and share experiences. Still—even though the organizations are different, they are special in their own ways!

The benefits of different organizations on campus? We can all come together to put on joint events!

For example, this year, the ACU united with the Asian Heritage Month (AHM) club to support Fall Fest. 

Students smiling and posing during an ACU event.
ACU Events

You may be wondering, “How exactly does ACU unite students?”

Every month, ACU organizes a marquee event. Usually held in the Kimmel Center, the events can draw over 200 students. The ACU has hosted everything from Arts and Crafts Night, ACU Idol (a talent show), and even NOM! (an event dedicated to food). 

Even if the event isn’t focused on food, ACU usually provides a variety of free snacks, food, and boba to students. 

Arts and Crafts Night
Students smiling as they craft at a table.
Crafting supplies on a table.
A student showing off the craft they made.
Students concentrating on the layout of their crafts.
Two students smiling and showing off their hard work.
Two students smiling behind two large Hello Kitty figures.
A crowd of students socializing at the arts and crafts night.

The ACU also holds an event each year: Arts and Crafts Night! Typically, for this event, the ACU provides markers, stationery, and craft materials. And this year, students decorated and customized their own tote bags.

On top of all the fun crafts, the ACU offered free boba and treats.

What’s more? Students who attended this year also received raffle tickets! Prizes available to win included Squishmallows and even an Apple Watch!

NOM! Food Festival
Students laughing and eating together.
A large group of students socializing in a packed auditorium.
Two students on stage, drawing raffle tickets for prizes.
Three students eating noodles.
Two students talking at a table during the event.
An image titled Chubby Totoro is projected behind students standing onstage during a game.
Some students eating and sipping on boba at a table.

Obviously, NYU students and food go together.

So, of course, the ACU hosts NOM!, an annual event dedicated to food. Students come together to celebrate many cultures and backgrounds through delicious meals from Korean and Japanese food to Indian, Thai, and Malaysian food.

Family Game Night!
A student smiling and hugging a large plush prize.
Students smiling for the camera, a few holding letters to spell “ACU.”
Students playing Connect 5.
Students playing Sushi Go.
Students smiling for the camera, holding mousse cups and yuzu drinks.
Students getting their raffle tickets for the prize drawing.
Students concentrating at a game table.

And who doesn’t love playing games with friends?

Annually, ACU hosts a game night with many fun, traditional Asian games. For example, students can play mah-jongg and Connect 5!

In case you were wondering…yes there were free cookies and mousse cups for students. In addition, the ACU supplied refreshing, traditional Asian yuzu drinks.

And, you guessed it! Students who attended and played games were also entered into a raffle winning prizes.

Why I Chose the ACU

Not only are the events really fun, but I’ve found a special community within the e-board at ACU.

We plan events together, have socials, and bond over the differences and similarities in our cultures! If you’re seeking fellow students with similar interests, check out the ACU.

I hope I’ve convinced you that the ACU is the greatest organization on campus. I can’t wait to see you at future events!

Jake is a Sophomore studying Hotel & Tourism Management at the School of Professional Studies. Originally from Huntington Beach, CA, he has lived there his entire life until arriving at NYU. His passions include service, hospitality, and really getting to know people on a personal level. On campus, he is an Admissions Ambassador and also serves on the board of NYU’s Hospitality Business Society. Off campus, he truly adores exploring the entirety of New York City and all the great eats it has to offer.