Hey there, fellow and future NYU Violets! Whether you’re an NYU first year simply trying to navigate this sprawling urban campus or a seasoned senior with a caffeine addiction, finding that perfect study spot can be game-changing. Trust me, I’ve been there—lugging my tote bag from one end of campus to the other, seeking out that elusive corner where productivity magically skyrockets. So let me share some spots that have earned my stamp of approval.

Finding Your Study Groove: Discovering NYU’s Best Spots to Hit the Books

Bobst Library

I am starting with the obvious. However, bear with me. There’s a reason Bobst Library is legendary among NYU students. If the towering bookshelves don’t inspire you, the sheer variety of study environments will. From its whisper-quiet floors (my personal favorite is the 7th floor, where the Avery Fisher Center for Music and Media is located) to the more lively communal spaces, Bobst is the Swiss Army knife of study spots. Protip: Explore the different floors to find your vibe. And if you can snag a spot by the window? You’re golden.

A northern window from the 8th floor of NYU’s Bobst Library, where one can see New York City’s Fifth Avenue.
Studying on the 8th floor of Bobst Library while enjoying the stunning view of New York City!
The ground (first) floor of NYU’s Bobst Library.
With its impressive design and large space, Bobst is a great study spot on campus!

Kimmel Center for University Life

The Kimmel Center is the ultimate chameleon. Need a spot for group study? Check. A place to rest your head down in between classes? Check. A picturesque view to serve as the backdrop of your latest Instagram story? Double check. The higher you go, the better the view!

NYU’s dining hall space at the Kimmel Center for University Life.
If you’re searching for a place to study with friends, Kimmel has you covered!

Washington Square Park

When the weather’s playing nice, not much beats the ambiance of Washington Square Park. Grab a blanket, spread out under a tree, and let the gentle hum of the city be your background music. People-watching provides a perfect little break between study sessions. Plus, with food vendors all around, snacks are just a hop, skip, and jump away!

Yellow flowers blooming in Washington Square Park during the spring.
Imagine having this view of the park while studying!

John A. Paulson Center

Listen up! The John A. Paulson Center is NYU’s shiny new building, and everyone’s invited. The modern design is droolworthy, and the spaces are geared toward collaborative projects and solo study marathons. Do you want huge windows? Check. Inspiring city views? Double check. And the atrium? It screams innovation. You can even reserve music rehearsal spaces if you have an upcoming recital or class or just want to practice some tunes! As someone who loves to play piano and sing, these facilities are the sanctuary for my mental reset. 

A sitting area in NYU’s John A. Paulson Center with floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking SoHo.
You can bathe in all the natural light you want when studying at the Paulson Center!

Think Coffee

Think Coffee is a student’s dream. There are a couple locations near the Washington Square Park campus. The coffee? Exquisite. The ambiance? Just the right mix of buzzing and cozy. Perfect for a marathon reading session or putting the finishing touches on that assignment due…um, tomorrow.

The exterior of Think Coffee cafe.
Think Coffee is always a great way to study off campus but still be close to classes!

From quiet corners for deep dives into textbooks to buzzing spots that feed off the city’s energy, NYU’s landscape offers a smorgasbord of study-spot choices. And with the campus nestled in the heart of Manhattan, we’re spoiled with options both on and off the grid. So strap on your exploring shoes, fellow Violets! And dive into the NYU scene and find that study groove. May the odds of nabbing the best spot be ever in your favor! 

Hi there! My name is Ben and I’m originally from Melbourne, Australia. I’m a Junior at NYU majoring in Drama and minoring in Business of Entertainment, Media & Technology (BEMT). On campus, you can find me either rehearsing for a show at the Tisch School of the Arts, working as an Admissions Ambassador, getting involved with the student-led theatre company Tisch New Theatre or contributing to student magazines such as Embodied and Baedeker. In my free time, I’m usually exploring the city, seeing a theatre production, or frequenting a local gallery. I’m extremely passionate about all things encompassing the entertainment industry, and I hope to pursue a career as an actor both in film/television and on stage, as well as in leadership and management roles for production companies. My purpose revolves around storytelling and I hope to apply this to his career. I have a million and one hobbies, so feel free to ask me about anything NYU or Australia-related that you’d like!