NYU Abu Dhabi

Bookstacks in the NYU Abu Dhabi library, a favorite NYU study spot.
View of NYU Abu Dhabi's library with students working and studying in it.


The open, airy NYU Abu Dhabi Library has a domed ceiling and a suspended mezzanine level. It provides ample space to interact with faculty and fellow students as well as quiet areas for concentration and contemplation.

Students sitting at a table.
An NYU Abu Dhabi student studying at a table in the Marketplace.

The Marketplace in NYU Abu Dhabi’s Campus Center is a gathering and dining space. It also doubles as a favorite NYU study spot. Students come here to complete assignments or meet with classmates to discuss group projects over a cup of coffee.

NYU in New York City

Students studying in Bobst Library.
A student on their laptop in the library.

The flagship of NYU’s eight-library system, Bobst Library in New York City is a well-loved NYU study spot. It not only offers approximately 3,000 seats for student study but also specialized resources, such as a center for music and media. It also boasts a digital studio and a data services lab equipped with high-performance computers.

Students sitting in a dining area in the Kimmel Center.
Student studying in a lounge chair.

The Kimmel Center for University Life is located in the heart of the Washington Square campus. It provides numerous spots for study, including music rooms. On the 2nd and 3rd floors, Peet’s Coffee and the Kimmel Marketplace, respectively, have lounge areas with comfortable seating in addition to computer stations and dining facilities. Even more student lounges are located on the 8th and 9th floors.

NYU Shanghai

NYU Shanghai's World Language study lounge.
NYU Shanghai Leadership in Action study lounge.

Located on the 2nd floor of NYU Shanghai’s Pudong Academic Building, the World Languages Lounge is an ideal study spot. It features a large communal table for group study. Additionally, separate sections, delineated by different furnishing styles, can easily accommodate solo study. There are sections that reflect the design styles of Europe as well as those of China, the Middle East, and South America.

Another highlight, the Leadership in Action Lounge, is open to all clubs and organizations on campus. It can also be used for individual study. Located on the 3rd floor of the academic building, it features contemporary-style seating and ottomans that can be arranged according to need.