Aerial view of Washington Square Park.

Every bit of the magic of Greenwich Village comes together in Washington Square Park, the center of NYU’s campus in New York City.


Street performers and artists? Check. Food trucks and snack vendors? You bet. Diverse and international crowds? Absolutely. Lush green space and beautiful flora? Without a doubt. With its iconic arch standing watch, the park’s vibrant energy attracts NYU community members, city residents, and tourists alike. And because it’s adopted the role of NYU’s unofficial campus quad, Washington Square Park will undoubtedly become a big part of your life here—regardless of the time of year.

Leaves changing color in the Fall in Washington Square Park
Students walking through Washington Square Park in the fall.
Enjoy the Autumn Air

As the school year kicks off and summer transitions into fall, a chill takes to the New York City air. There are few spots in the city better than Washington Square Park to enjoy this beautiful change of season. Stroll through the park with friends to see the changing leaves. Enjoy the outdoors in autumn between classes. Or cozy up on a bench with a book and a pumpkin-flavored hot beverage. Fall is truly one of the most wonderful times of the year in Washington Square Park.

People walking in Washington Square Park in the winter.
Snowy Washington Square Park.
A Winter Wonderland

Not even cold temperatures and snowfall can keep people from enjoying Washington Square Park. Snowball fights and snowperson building are some of the favorite winter activities in the park, but a casual walk to enjoy its snow-covered peacefulness shouldn’t be missed either. You can also kick off the holiday season by attending the park’s annual tree lighting ceremony or by joining one of the many caroling events.

Flowers blooming in the park
People laying in the grass in Washington Square on a Spring day.
Spring to Life

On the other side of winter’s cold, spring arrives like a brand new day in Washington Square Park. Trees and flowers burst into bloom and people flock to the park to enjoy warmer temperatures and bright sunshine. Whether they come to play chess, exercise their dog, or get together with friends, springtime brings new life to this amazing outdoor space at the center of NYU’s campus in New York City.

Students hanging out in the grass in Washington Square Park.
A piano performer playing to a large group of people in the park.
Soak up the Summer Sun

Street performers and musicians are a mainstay in Washington Square Park, and the summer months bring them out in droves. Dancers, pianists, brass bands, drummers, and more share their creativity with the community as crowds bask in the summer sun. The park’s fountain is also a summer favorite, spraying a welcome mist into the air and providing a cool place to dip your feet. If you’re looking to hang out for the afternoon, find a shady spot on the grass and enjoy watching visitors come and go from one of New York City’s most iconic spaces.

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