The Jacobs Academic Building is the main academic building for Tandon School of Engineering students. With a plethora of classrooms, lecture halls, and research labs, Jacobs is also home to the Polytechnic Tutoring Center (PTC), which provides students with a great deal of academic support. This academic building allows Tandon’s students to fully engage in the curriculum, based on both a well-rounded liberal arts background, as well as hands-on experiential learning.

The exterior of the NYU Jacobs Academic Building with a large NYU Tandon sign

As a fully integrated school, Tandon also has a liberal arts foundation that allows students to explore academic fields outside of their primary major. Students take two expository writing classes and four humanities courses throughout their time at the university. These classes can be taken at the School of Engineering or on the Washington Square campus at the College of Arts & Science.

All Tandon first-year students are required to take the Engineering and Technology Forum. This is a one-credit course that introduces problem solving, prototyping and innovation. Introduction to Engineering is required for all first-year students majoring in Engineering, Computer Science, and for those who are undecided. This course allows students to explore the different majors offered at Tandon before officially declaring their own, and requires students to work in small groups to build, program, and commission a robot. It requires collaboration and public speaking and prepares students for the rest of their undergraduate career.

Tandon students are able to take classes on the Washington Square campus. The flow between campuses is truly seamless and connected by subway, shuttle or bicycle!

A group of students congregate outside of the NYU Jacobs building
Through large glass windows at the Jacobs building two signs read NYU Tandon School of Engineering

The curriculum at the School of Engineering is based on experiential learning and students are encouraged to get involved in hands-on research and entrepreneurship. Many Tandon professors conduct ongoing research projects and invite students to serve as lab or research assistants.

Students are also given the opportunity to apply for funds from the university to conduct their own research. Every summer, students are invited to apply for the Undergraduate Summer Research Program, which offers students 10 weeks of hands-on research with faculty mentors. While the program does not cover all housing expenses, there is a monetary grant awarded to students. This program is open to the entire university and tends to be very competitive.

Polytechnic Tutoring Center

Beyond reaching out to professors after class and during office hours, Tandon students can access the Polytechnic Tutoring Center (PTC). The PTC is located on the 3rd floor of Jacobs and is accessible to all students. Services offered include drop-in tutoring for Computer Science, Physics, Chemistry, and Biology, review sessions for midterms and finals, individual writing assistance, and English language practice for non-native speakers.

Study Away

NYU’s global network is vast and all students, regardless of school, have an opportunity to study away. As a fully integrated school, Tandon students can choose to study away at any of NYU’s Global Academic Centers. The rigorous courseload does make studying away a little more difficult for these students, but with proper planning, it’s certainly doable.

Popular study away destinations for Engineering students are NYU London, NYU Paris, and NYU Florence. At each site, students live and take classes with other NYU students. Alternatively, students can choose to participate in external study abroad opportunities through the Global E3 Program, which has 33 university participants across 22 countries.  Students can also study away through one of the four global exchange programs in Austria, France, Germany, and South Korea, where NYU has already developed a strong partnership.