The MakerSpace

A large sign reads MakerSpace

The MakerSpace is a state of the art facility designed for student ideation and creation. It can be used for classwork, hobbies, or just for fun. The 10,000 square foot lab boasts innovative resources, cutting-edge machinery, and workshops on the latest technology. Students with limited or no experience with the technology need not worry. The MakerSpace offers on-demand training to help them learn to use the equipment safely and properly.

The DesignLab

The DesignLab at NYU Tandon MakerSpace hosts events and workshops throughout the year for learning, networking, and fun. The DesignLab fosters a community of creative technologists, critical thinkers, and social innovators. Through their mentorship program, students can visit during office hours to talk with experts, get guidance on projects, and receive feedback on ideas.

The DesignLab also offers several opportunities for students to receive funding to launch their ideas. Through the MakerSpace Mini Grant program, students can apply for a $50 mini grant to help fund their project. Students can use the funds to buy necessary supplies or pay for MakerSpace services. Additionally, student creators can apply to the NYU Prototyping Fund, which awards teams anywhere from $500 to $2000 to support building their prototype. Funding is awarded twice per year and winning teams have access to prototyping workshops and a community showcase.

The lobby of the MakerSpace with several working students visible
a large NYU branded go kart sits in the MakerSpace
A student of color works on their project using a 3-D printer.
A close-up view of a student using a 3-D printer.
A student works with various electrical pieces

The MakerGarage

The MakerGarage is one of the newest additions to the Brooklyn campus. It’s a space for students who are looking to create large-scale projects. It’s also for students participating in the Vertically Integrated Projects (VIP) program, which allows them to choose a hands-on project to work on during their time at NYU. The MakerGarage features a large, shared co-working area with dedicated workbenches and storage. There is also a shared tools area, a small computer lab, a student lounge area, two conference rooms, and a video conferencing or recording studio.