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A student coding on their laptop.
NYU Game Center Showcase Goes On(line)

The 2020 senior capstone event streamed live on Twitch.

John Farrow and Am Silruk in their respective workplaces.
NYU Abu Dhabi Teaches the Art of Relationship-Building

A strong bond with her adviser gave this NYU Abu Dhabi art student the confidence to pursue her passion.

Podcast hosts Joanna and Arnell smiling.
Two NYU Steinhardt Students Make a Podcast

Two NYU Media, Culture, and Communication majors form a successful collaboration when they decide to make a podcast about unique career choices.

A student looking at artwork in a gallery.
Art Galleries at NYU: A Network of Creativity

Great art is only steps away thanks to NYU’s gallery network.

An animated cat and girl from Mulan Fu’s animated film.
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Film and TV Major Mulan Fu’s Animation Wins Big

Her time at Tisch gave her the freedom to explore every creative aspect of animation.

Isiah Rosa posing in front of a red wall.
Game Design Major Isiah Rosa Found His People at Tisch

A passion for video games led him to a new community and a world of opportunity.

Profile of the author, Beth Million.
“It’s Not a Phase, Mom!” Justifying Your Artistic Degree

Are you sure of your decision to pursue the arts but are surrounded by people who are concerned for you? Here are some tips to help you strengthen your resolve.

CAS student Justin Gimoto posing while holding an umbrella.
The College of Arts and Science: How Justin Found His Fit

Justin Gimoto was nervous about life in a big city. What he found was a new home and the tools to build community wherever he goes.

Early Oil Paintings by BFA Student Kaylee Reynolds.
What to Look Forward to in Your First Year as a Studio Art Major

See all of the exciting things you may encounter as a studio art student during your first year.