A student of color laughs with his hands in his pockets while congregating with peers in Washington Square Park.
Declaring Your Major Is Tradition at the NYU College of Arts and Science

Declaration Day is a time for NYU CAS students who are declaring their major to come together and celebrate.

A teacher reading a picture book.
A Day in the Life of an NYU Student Teacher

Curious what it’s like to teach preschool while also an NYU undergraduate student? Digital Ambassador Maggie shares a glimpse of her day!

David Obwaya, a senior student of color studying economics at the College of Arts and Science, stands on NYU steps.
An Economics Major Makes a Difference for BIPOC-Owned Businesses

David Obwaya, a senior studying economics, supports small business.

Two Gallatin students looking at a red and orange Rothko artwork in a gallery.
A Gallatin Concentration Grows—and Evolves—Across NYU

With a mix of adviser insight and self-direction, students at NYU Gallatin create rigorous, individualized academic paths.

Students of color in a spice market.
26 Subjects! Choosing Your Major at NYU Abu Dhabi

In awe of the subject choices at NYU Abu Dhabi? Willing to get out of your comfort zone? Read student advice for picking the right major.

An NYU flag hanging from a building.
Answering Common Questions I Get Asked as a Computer Science Major

NYU CAS student Chris answers some of the most common questions he gets asked as a Computer Science major!

Hotel and tourism management student Ally Weaver standing in front of a yellow taxi and the marquee for “Funny Girl.”
A Hotel and Tourism Management Major Examines a Recovering Industry

Ally Weaver welcomes the comeback of in-person events as she applies classroom lessons to real life.

A skyline view of Abu Dhabi along a body of water.
Put the Arab Crossroads Studies Major on Your Radar

This cutting-edge major—available only at NYU Abu Dhabi—examines the Arabic-using world’s culture, history, politics, and so much more.

A laptop computer and reading lamp on a desk.
NYU Majors: The Undecided Student Edition

It's okay to be undecided or to change your major at NYU. Here's a list of possibilities for coming in undecided or making a switch.

Students of color in a lecture hall.
Business, Organizations and Society: A Student Perspective

Five students share their insights on one of NYU Abu Dhabi’s newest majors.