Students repotting greenery for members of the community.
Sustainability U

NYU students receive an education in preservation around the world.

Wendie Suzuki holding a human brain
The Neuroscience of Exercise

Learn how NYU professor Wendy Suzuki taps into the neuroscience of exercise in her lab, in the classroom, and in her life.

Two students sitting in a science lab wearing lab coats.
The Premed Track: NYU Edition

NYU offers preprofessional tracks to equip students with the guidance and coursework needed to accomplish their professional goals.

A row of microscopes.
Club Spotlight: American Chemical Society

For science-minded students at NYU, the American Chemical Society (ACS) is a catalyst to creating networks and forming lifelong bonds.

Gloved hands holding a petri dish.
Chemistry at the Edge of Knowledge

Our president is a chemist. We take it pretty seriously.

Students working with equipment in a physics lab.
Physics Is the Foundation of Everything

And at NYU, you’ll find advanced research, superstar faculty, and a tight-knit community.

Microscopic view of a “Gossypium hirsutum” (upland cotton) stem.
The Beauty of Biology

Find your niche as you discover what makes life possible.

The NYU Abu Dhabi Engineering Design Studio.
Discover the Engineering Design Studio at NYU Abu Dhabi

Not every Engineering Design Studio can claim to have its own mascot but we can at NYU Abu Dhabi.

Students standing in front of their house.
Sustainable Architecture at NYU Abu Dhabi

What will the houses of tomorrow look like? How can we construct them to ensure a sustainable future? A group of forward-thinking NYU Abu Dhabi students are figuring it out.

In the Lab with David Fitch

Biology professor David Fitch welcomes student involvement in his research.