Student Voices

Two Gallatin students looking at a red and orange Rothko artwork in a gallery.
A Gallatin Concentration Grows—and Evolves—Across NYU

With a mix of adviser insight and self-direction, students at NYU Gallatin create rigorous, individualized academic paths.

Students sitting in a classroom.
The Transfer Student Experience at NYU

All about transferring to NYU, as told by three alumni who transferred here as undergraduates.

Students of color in a spice market.
26 Subjects! Choosing Your Major at NYU Abu Dhabi

In awe of the subject choices at NYU Abu Dhabi? Willing to get out of your comfort zone? Read student advice for picking the right major.

A community of students passing by the NYU College of Arts and Science building.
The First-Year Seminar Program: A Launchpad to the Liberal Arts

The First-Year Seminar Program is a great introduction for the rest of your College of Arts and Science experience.

A student of color taking photos next to large sculptural letters that spell “NYU.”
Transferring to NYU

Four current NYU students share what it’s like transferring to NYU.

Winter Break Recap

Here’s a look at how current NYU students spent their time off from school!

Student standing on a New York City rooftop with the skyline light up behind her at night.
My Summer Internship Success

NYU student Eshika Patel shares how she landed her consulting internship in NYC, and how her experience helped her define her career path.

Students of color in a lecture hall.
Business, Organizations and Society: A Student Perspective

Five students share their insights on one of NYU Abu Dhabi’s newest majors.

Students of color working with a professor in the NYU Meyers Clinical Simulation Learning Center.
An NYU Meyers Junior Goes from Dancer to Nanny to Nurse

Brad Trump’s journey to champion transgender youth health care started years ago but gained serious momentum at NYU Meyers.

A student reading in Washington Square Park.
A Booklover’s Guide to NYU

Like to read? Learn about the best spots for book lovers to read and shop for books around NYU's campus!