Students conducting engineering research in NYU Tandon’s MakerSpace.

NYU Tandon–affectionately known as NYU’s “study-abroad” site in Brooklyn to the students over at the Washington Square campus–is home to the future engineers, entrepreneurs, artists, and more. Though Tandon is NYU’s School of Engineering, students are not just limited to studying the different disciplines of engineering, but also the various intersections between engineering and other fields.

Students have the opportunity to study the intersection between engineering and business, through our Business and Technology Management program, and also have the opportunity to explore their creativity by studying the intersection between digital media and society through one of our majors, Integrated Design & Media. Though Tandon has several unique qualities that allow the school to stand out and shine on its own, the most unique of them all would be the geographical location in comparison to the other NYU schools. 

When applying to Tandon, I did not think twice about the fact that Tandon was located in Downtown Brooklyn, whereas the other NYU schools were located in Manhattan. When I got accepted into NYU, I delved deep into research. After searching possible video and article I could find about NYU Tandon on the internet, it finally registered in me that Tandon was not in fact located with the other NYU schools, but rather it was a 20-minute subway ride away. Though the idea of being separated from the rest of my peers by 20 minutes made me nervous prior to the year starting, when I actually started my Freshman year, I realized that I definitely made the right decision as I got the best of both worlds. 

The Brooklyn Bridge.

The Brooklyn Bridge – a 10 minute walk from the Tandon campus!


Although Tandon is located on the other side of the bridge, thus worrying some prospective students about the idea of living on a campus separate from the rest of their peers, there are actually several benefits that come with going to a separate campus.

What makes Tandon so special?
  1. The community at Tandon is very tight-knits. Going to NYU, one of the largest private universities in the US, can be very overwhelming for many students. When you’re at Tandon, it can definitely be easier to find your own community as you are constantly surrounded by peers with similar interests and career aspirations as you. This can make it easier for students to make friends as well. This is one of my favorite aspects of Tandon – having a smaller community within the larger NYU community. It was less overwhelming for me coming to NYU as I was definitely very nervous about the idea of entering a class of around 6,000 students, especially since I was used to going to a high school where there were only about 400 students per grade. Going to Tandon also gives you the “everybody knows everybody” feel; whether you’re at the Dibner library or the Jasper Kane dining hall, you’re bound to run into someone you know! Also, it’s definitely convenient having everything close by to you. With all Tandon buildings being very close to each other, Tandon students don’t have to worry about running across campus to make it to their next class. 

2. Studying at Tandon gives you the best of both worlds. If you’re someone who loves the hustle and bustle of the city that never sleeps, but at the same time, you enjoy the peace and quiet within the city–Tandon is the perfect place for you. At Tandon, I would say the campus is much less chaotic compared to other parts of the city. However, if students ever miss the energy of the Washington Square campus, they are always able to take one quick subway ride to be with the rest of their peers. Another perk about living on the Tandon campus is that it is located in the heart of Downtown Brooklyn, so students have the opportunity to explore the lively neighborhoods of DUMBO and Brooklyn Heights.

3. You live extremely close to your classes, especially if you live in Othmer Hall. Tandon Freshmen are required to dorm in either Othmer Hall or Clark Hall for their first year. (If they choose to live in a dorm.) Othmer hall is located very close to all of the buildings at Tandon, which makes it very convenient for students to go back and forth to their classes throughout the day. Clark isa 10-minute walk from the Tandon campus, so students are still able to enjoy the convenience of being close to their classes while enjoying their time living in Brooklyn Heights.

I had an amazing experience during my first year in Othmer Hall. Being less than a minute away from all my classes made life so much easier! As someone who despises 8 AM classes yet somehow got stuck with several my first year, it was very convenient being able to wake up without having to worry about leaving time to walk to my classes.

Brooklyn Bridge Park at sunset

4. Tandon is located close to several popular tourist attractions. The campus is located in Downtown Brooklyn and is around a 15-minute walk from the Brooklyn Bridge as well as DUMBO, two very famous attractions that many tourists visit when coming to NYC. There is so much to explore in Brooklyn, from the museums to the parks, as well as the Brooklyn promenade, which is my absolute favorite spot in the city!

Students walking around outside on concourse.

Students walking around on the Tandon campus


The list can go on and on and on. My point is, Tandon being located on a separate campus from the other NYU schools should be nothing for prospective students to fear. Tandon students are able to get the full NYC college experience. They get the perks of being part of a smaller community within a humongous one. 

Hi guys! My name is Hridayesha, and I am a junior at the Tandon School of Engineering studying Mechanical Engineering. I am originally from Gaithersburg, Maryland. I love immersing myself in the vibrant city and learning about the new cultures that the city has to offer. Outside of being an Admissions Ambassador, I am part of the Tandon Student Council as well. I enjoy meeting new people and trying out new eats around the city!