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The year 2020 completely changed daily life for students all over the world. From shifting most classes and activities online, navigating health guidelines, and so much more, we are just now defining what our “new normal” is. Under these circumstances, starting your first year of college may feel a little overwhelming. Not only are you moving to NYU for the first time, but you’ll also be navigating (along with every other NYU student) the transition back to more in-person experiences.  Fear not, for I will give you your very own guide to coming to campus!

Same Old, Same Old

Let’s get into some (fun) basics. You’re still going to need the essentials. Residence Hall decorating, planning, and top places to eat on campus. (Shameless plug). However, this is still important! For me, especially last year living on campus with COVID guidelines, I created a space I wanted to be in. I made sure my room felt like a space of peace, and piece of me! Additionally, moving to campus creates a whole new independence, and investing in a planner, both virtual and physical, really helped me stay on top of everything going on so that I didn’t miss a thing. Finally, getting familiar with the campus beforehand, also was really helpful. Don’t be afraid to use different resources like our very own Meet NYU, Youtube from current students, and Tik Tok, to virtually prep for a non-virtual world.

Welcome Y'all!

NYU Welcome Week beach ball party

You might have seen some emails about NYU’s Welcome Week already, but let’s go a little deeper. This week is entirely for our first years to find community and get comfy with the campus before classes start. Coming to campus now, more than ever, you are probably itching for some personal to person contact. There will be tons of events to (safely) get to know your fellow peers and explore. However, make sure you stay up to date on our COVID protocol, so that you can keep yourself and those around you safe. This will also help you during move in, so that everything goes smoothly.

Things to Look Out For

We spent a whole year (and then some) transitioning to a virtual world. So, we have to prepare for coming to campus in this new time. Some things to keep in mind.

  1. In person classes – If you’re like me, waking up 10 minutes before hopping on zoom was a major plus, but now we have to make sure to schedule time for getting to and from class on time! Take a moment to figure out your daily route to class, and who knows, maybe you’ll get a few extra minutes to sleep in still.
  2. How Speak? – This was hard for me. Going from awkward zoom silences, emoji responses, and seeing the same four family members every day has really changed my communication skills. However, the best way to solve it, is to jump right in! We will still be social distancing, but don’t be afraid to find ways of safely socializing, and flexing those rusty communication skills.
  3. Stay Vigilant- While the university is moving for more in person opportunities, we are not post pandemic. Stay safe, wear your mask, and be smart!
  4. Enjoy the City- You are now an official NYU/NYC student! Go explore, make memories, and remember why you came to NYU to begin with.

Remember to Breathe

This is a lot. Between coming to campus as a first year student, to being a first year during these times, it can be overwhelming. Don’t be afraid to reach out to our various resources if you’re feeling any type of way. From your RA, to our mental health services, your transition to campus will never be alone. Remember that, you are not coming to campus alone, but with tons of other first years feeling the same nerves you are. None of us truly know how this year will go, but in the Violet way, we will handle it fearlessly, and together. Welcome home, Violet!

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Marisa is a third year student at Tisch School of the Arts Studying Drama with a Minor in Film and TV. She previously was in the Experimental Theater Wing and plans to continue studying at The Atlantic Acting Studio. She is also a Resident Assistant at Coral Towers. A Virginia native, she spends most of her time writing scripts, doing yoga, and eating Halal Guys (chicken over rice never misses). She hopes to continue to collaborate with other artist of color and create a production company that will continue to bring joy and truth to her community.