Despite the accuracy of Instagram’s astrology memes, no one foresaw the new ways we’d connect through virtual experiences. As you start your new school year, many of you are planning for your next academic venture. And with the changing seasons comes a new world – college! Our School Spotlights and Trailblazer Series is a great way for you to learn the ins and outs of NYU’s academic offerings.

This time of year, the Admissions team would be creating on-campus experiences that provide a more in-depth look of our 10 schools and colleges, 3 degree-granting campuses and 12 study away sites. But we thought we’d save you on the airfare or commute, and meet you in your living room!

So here’s your personal guide to all things academic – let’s get started!


School Spotlight Sessions

From Virtual Info Sessions to TikTok, there are many ways to get an NYU overview. But our School Spotlight Sessions take you from the general view to a specific lens – a close-up on our 10 schools and colleges and their varied approaches to higher learning.

Through these webinars, a majority offered twice from October 11-17, you’ll dive further into our programs. You’ll hear from Deans, Faculty, and students who share their NYU journeys. And I’ll let you in on a secret – you don’t need to know what you plan to study to attend!

That’s one of the benefits of our Spotlight Series lasting an entire week instead of just a weekend. You can attend as many sessions that fit your schedule and interests. 

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Making a Major Decision

Granted, with such a wide range of academic options, some of our schools and colleges have opted to provide breakout sessions. Likewise, these Breakout School Sessions, offered specifically by NYU Tisch, NYU Steinhardt, and NYU SPS will be hosted by Faculty.

And these additional sessions – accessible through the main webinar link – cover some of our more specialized majors. So while you will hear informative details in the main School Spotlight, breakout sessions are a great place to learn more about how majors can shape your scholarly pursuits.

Zoom Webinars

NYU Abu Dhabi & NYU Shanghai

Now, while New York houses our 10 schools and colleges, NYU remains uninhibited by borders or timezones. Our Abu Dhabi and Shanghai campuses each boast a range of research, cultural, and academic experiences inspired by the campus location.

Hosted by Amy Kice, the NYUAD Director of Admissions, the NYU Abu Dhabi Spotlight Session, will feature Dr. Bryan Waterman and current students. They will highlight the value of a liberal arts education and how NYU Abu Dhabi has adapted that model to meet the demands of today’s world.

Similarly, our NYU Shanghai Spotlight Session will take a closer look at the value of studying in China. And will cover how NYU Shanghai prepares students for the increasingly interconnected world. A student panel will cover classroom experiences, internship opportunities and what it means to step out of one’s comfort zone.

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Trailblazers Series

While our School Spotlight series is a great way to dive into academics, our Trailblazer Series is a curated list of topics that help showcase our top notch faculty. And who knows? You might even have one of them as your teacher if you enroll at NYU. .

Browse through sessions, led by award-winning NYU Professors, including Dr. Ulrich Baer, a Guggenheim Fellowship recipient, who will discuss how politics and photography converge, and contributing writer to The Guardian, Vice Provost Charlton McIlwain who analyzes the intersectionality of race and technology.

Shonda Rhimes Ted Talk

Choose Your Own Path

I imagine, with all this info, you might wonder if there’s any other events you’ll need to attend. And that’s entirely up to you! Our Fall Virtual Events are meant to be a “choose your own path,” because in reality, that’s what college allows you to do.

And we know there are many aspects that comprise the college voyage, from Financial Aid to finding a Campus Community. We want you to immerse yourself in as many virtual events as you want this fall.  

And as always, we look forward to hosting you! 

Dashka Gabriel, called Dash by most, is one of the Assistant Directors of Special Events and Visitor Relations in the Office of Enrollment Management. An alumna of NYU’s Public Relations M.S. program, she’s passionate about creating experiences that bring people of all backgrounds to the greatest city in the world. When she’s not running around behind the scenes, she enjoys exploring her Brooklyn neighborhood, playing (and winning!) Broadway musical lotteries, and having a solo movie night at the Alamo Drafthouse.