Campus Traditions

An NYU flag hanging off a campus building.
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College Orientation in 2020 Is Virtually Amazing

This year, NYU students start out with over a month of online welcome events

“Congrats to our Class of 2020”.
NYU 2020 Commencement Goes Virtual

Our community came together to congratulate these amazing graduates.

NYU Flag
NYU Admissions Ambassadors Answer: What’s Your Favorite Place on NYU’s Campus?

Have you ever wondered where NYU students like to spend their time? Our very own Admissions Ambassadors answer the question: What's your favorite place on NYU's campus?

NYU’s mascot, the Bobcat, posing with their hands on their hips.
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Happy Birthday, Bobcat! Our NYU Mascot Just Turned 36

The Bobcat is a Sagittarius. Now you know.

Student standing in a crowd, wearing a Statue of Liberty hat, and smiling.
Start Planning Your NYU Study Abroad Experience

Each fall, NYU World Tour exposes students to an entire world of opportunity and exploration—and helps them start planning their study abroad experiences.

Host of ultraviolet live, Alaska waves a glow stick along with the audience.
UltraViolet Live 2017!

Every year the most talented members of the NYU community compete for a $1,000 grand prize in the university talent show: UltraViolet Live!